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There are always leaders in the implementation of new capabilities. The world of eroticism is usually number one.

In this ‘Week van Koot’ more attention is paid to: Andrew Bosworth who leads the Reality Labs division, Avatars in Microsoft Teams, Odyssey who raised 4 million in a funding round, the IAB and PWC Outlook 2022 and of course, the podcast of the week, this time ‘A Chronicle Of Racism in America’.

Gert Koot writes it weekly – all about him and the profession in the wild world of branding, media and entertainment. Koot worked for more than twenty years in various advertising agencies and was also a director of marketing for a time. For several years, Koot has had his own consultancy under the name of Branded Entertainment and advises on new and digital media. As a teacher, he is associated with SRM and NIMA, among others. In this column on Marketingfacts, Koot discusses “what needs to be discussed.”

#1 the next 10 years

Another beautiful post from Rishad Tobaccowala. It is almost impossible to summarize his story, so there is no choice but to read it. What is the idea for the next 10 years? To interpret a good strategy, it is important to have an idea of ​​where the world is moving. Just think about the DESTEP formula when you’re doing an external analysis. This article provides a good perspective of the most important movements for the next period. According to Tobaccowala, the developments are motivated by four underlying forces. Then translate it to ten predictions that more or less all of us will have to face. Some of these have been discussed before in these updates. But it is useful to have them in a row. Prediction #9 will surely be interesting to many readers. Certainly in our field. “Creativity will be the main differentiator.”

#two goal. Move Facebook into the metaverse

There has been a lot of talk about the Facebook Connect keynote. Of course, there was the presentation of the new parent company Meta. The story of the metaverse. And then we all think it’s wonderful fun to take the pressure off Facebook. But there is a comment by Alexander Klöpping that has also stuck with me. He states that these types of keynotes are always about the introduction of new tools, software and hardware. But that Zuckerberg’s keynote address was the first to speak of a vision. An idea. And I think I agree with that. And whether you agree with that view is another story. Simultaneous to the appearance of this keynote, there was an interesting interview from The Verge with Andrew Bosworth. Andrew is a 15-year Facebook veteran who runs the Reality Labs division. This division builds hardware and software, including the Quest VR headset. His club has more than 10,000 employees and is spending at least $10 billion this year alone. You can listen (podcast) or read the interview. Or both at the same time!

#3 Outlook 2022

The IAB and PWC have created a beautiful 2022 Outlook for the digital advertising ecosystem in the US It’s always good to see what’s happening with the neighbors. These are the three biggest predictions which are further developed in the report.

  1. Declining consumer tolerance for digital advertising is affecting the audience composition of ad-supported media and entertainment brands. A consumer-centric evolution is imminent and must include the development of new ad formats/resources/associations.
  2. The attention of the (federal) government is required, as well as a precise approach to prepare for changes in privacy policy regulations.
  3. The strong competition and the current sense of urgency make it necessary to attract and grow talent.

#4 Dating in the Metaverse

You could wait for it. There are always front-runners when it comes to implementing new capabilities. The world of erotica is usually number one and dating usually follows soon after. Why? Because there is always a lot of money to be won! So here’s the Tinder update! Tinder has already undergone a major overhaul with the recent launch of “Explore,” a new section in the app that allows for more interactive experiences. The long-term vision of Tinder and Explore is an extension of exclusive, shared and live experiences and an economy based on virtual goods. Powered by the new Tinder in-app currency; Tinder Coins. In addition, there are big plans for a “metaverse” of dating and avatar-based virtual experiences. Waiting for the first virtual marriage.

#5 Avatars in Microsoft Teams

There is no real “Zoom for VR” yet, even though many companies are working to offer virtual meeting rooms. Facebook recently announced its Horizon Workrooms, of course, but the main work tools most people use haven’t made the leap. Maybe that will change soon. Microsoft Teams comes with a VR/AR tool. Microsoft’s tool puts avatars front and center, along with a suite of immersive meeting rooms that integrate with Microsoft Office 365 apps and services. Just watch the video and you’ll get a sense of the possibilities to lift the “zoom” barriers.

#6 DAO

An important part of Web3, the decentralized web, is the DAO. Surely some of you have heard this word at some point. But what exactly is a DAO? What is the history? What is culture and how does it really work? In this long read, everything will be explained to you clearly and simply. Because it is quite a difficult question. And as a kick-off, let’s take a look at the essence of a DAO: it’s an acronym for ‘decentralized autonomous organization’. True to their name, DAOs must be free from centralized authority (decentralized), operate independently of governments or private sector actors (autonomous), and be an organization. It’s not that hard, right?

#7 lock screens

Your smartphone’s lock screen is actually a very interesting position that you can look at 100 times a day. You don’t think so quickly, but if you look a little further, of course, it would also be a great position for content. And then the content that should be able to change every second. Then you quickly get to the content of the news. Glance, a startup from India, has now come up with an innovative solution for this.

#8 odyssey boost

A Dutch initiative for an “open source web3 metaverse stack for collaboration”. Odyssey, a digital native foundation, focuses on unlocking the collaborative power between people, organizations, and communities. Odyssey has raised €4 million in a funding round this week. This investment accelerates the development of Momentum, which enables and connects 3D online worlds fully focused on collaboration on an open network in the hands of users. The Momentum metaverse stack is currently used by several large organizations such as Vattenfall, SAP, the Dutch government, and several universities for online collaboration, as well as SMEs and NGOs such as the Sovereign Nature Initiative. Since May 2021, Momentum has been available as a closed alpha release, with several thousand users experimenting and collaborating on innovation, art, education, events, hackathons, policymaking, and design sprints. On November 1, Odyssey opened its alpha version to the public. Watch this video to understand exactly what Odyssey is and what it does.

#9 rattle cat

Perhaps one of the most beautiful initiatives in the new world. An independent platform of journalists and researchers. Supported by numerous volunteers. Bellingcat researchers are often approached by people who want to know if a story they’ve read online is true. By learning the basics of verification, many of these questions can be answered. This guide explains how to be vigilant about the videos and photos we see online and identify those that contain misleading, misattributed, or false information. What a wonderful product!

#10 And so it can be!

I always enjoy ideas that can combine two worlds and solve a problem at the same time. There is a shortage of catering staff in Tokyo. And they are investigating the use of robots for its operation. At the same time, there are many people with a physical disability who are unable or only partially able to move. And if you combine the last two? Look and read.

podcast of the week

Every week, Airborne chooses the Podcast of the week. This Week’s Podcast: This Week: ‘A Chronicle of Racism in America’

Ben & Jerry’s is arguably one of the brands with the longest history of activism: Since its inception in 1978, the ice cream brand has taken a stand on various social issues. Long before ‘diversity and inclusion’ was an established concept, equality was high on the Ben & Jerry’s agenda. In that vein, the brand launched a podcast last year titled “Who We Are: A Chronicle of Racism in America.” The title alone makes a statement: Racism is a structural part of American society, and for quite some time. The timing of the series couldn’t have been better, as George Floyd had been killed by a police officer a few months earlier. Something that caused protests around the world and for months. In the 6-part series, the podcast focuses on different periods of American history. The series begins with the founding of the United States and shows that inequality has been embedded in the system from that point on. Listen immediately? You can do it with this handy playlist on Spotify

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