These are the best April Fools’ Day jokes of 2022

In English-speaking countries they call it April Fool’s Day and the French call it 1 April, poisson d’avril. It is the day when everyone makes jokes. And this trend that also spread to the internet many years ago. Google is known for its many April 1st jokes and jokes, but more and more big brands and (tech) companies have used their creative brains for the best April 1st jokes.

Below is an overview of the best April Fools’ Day jokes of 2022 we’ve found so far. A summary that we will continue to complete throughout the day. If you find good stuff that certainly shouldn’t be missing from this roundup, let us know in the comments below, email the editors, or share it via one of our social channels, so we can add it too.

One of the best jokes on April Fools’ Day in the Netherlands?

In 1962, the Netherlands was in crisis because an image of Easter Island had washed ashore at Zandvoort. It turned out to be a joke by the sculptor Edo van Tetterode.

A gebøkkenløcht-bløzer in the Tikibad

As of the new summer season you will no longer need a towel to dry off in the Duinrell Tiki Pool. Wassenaar Park features the gebøkkenløcht-bløzer. This system comes from Norway. It’s often so cold there that you can’t get out wet; then you freeze immediately. Therefore, the Norwegians have developed a special machine with which you are dry in no time. This is the first time this system has been used in a pool, but Duinrell is very enthusiastic. The first visitors can already use the gebøkkenløcht-bløzer today.

inside out boxer briefs by HEMA

This new model of boxer briefs is made of revolutionary bamboo-reversible organic cotton. And that provides an extra day of comfort!

Marry as an ANWB couple

Is your big day coming up and you want to say yes like a real ANWB couple? Then get married in real ANWB attire. Available soon!

Government installs speed radars on bike lanes

Before the end of 2022, the government will install radars on bike paths. This is to reduce speed on bike lanes. Van Raam has a solution where you no longer have to worry about your speed and possible traffic fines. You can test this innovative and unique solution on the bike test track starting today.

There is more and more traffic on the bike lanes. More and more people have an electric bicycle, and accidents often happen because people ride bicycles too fast. Therefore, the government wants to reduce speed on bike lanes by installing speed cameras. Before the end of the year, radars will be installed in the bike lanes and there will be several cycling zones where you can circulate at a maximum of 10, 15 or 25 km/h.

In the following video you can see Van Raam’s speed limiting invention as a solution for speed cameras on bike lanes.

Flink initiates a unique collaboration

Flink and the Groenoord Zorgt care institution have entered into a unique partnership! Several Groenoord Zorgt customers have started working at Flink as delivery drivers. In this way, customers keep moving and are an active part of society.⁣⁣⁣

The perfect glasses for your buttocks

In order to find the perfect glasses for the shape of your buttocks, Geberit has developed the buttock shaping app. This app helps you find the most comfortable toilet seat. Geberit has a wide range of toilets and toilet seats in various shapes and sizes. As a result, there is always a suitable toilet for everyone. The newly developed app helps to find the perfect glasses and is a good example of Geberit’s continuous search for the greatest possible sanitary comfort.

The app will be available on the Android Play Store and the Apple Store starting April 1.

Lidl also comes with NFT

Lidl is also getting into the world of non-fungible tokens. Several NFT eggs marketed by Lidl will soon be auctioned. Especially for everyone who wants to have a piece of Lidl† And you can get them with cryptocurrencies.

the umbrella mascot

The Toverland theme park comes with Expedition Zork’s new and unique keepsake: the Umbrella Pet! When you install this on the attraction, you are assured of a completely dry cruise through the whitewater course.

“This makes the Expedition Zork the driest whitewater course in the Netherlands in one go and also much more suitable for doing in winter,” says Hilke of Merk & Creatie.

Dutch Curling Bond proud to find

The Dutch Curling Association (NCB) is very proud of the discovery made by student M. Modderman from the University of Groningen. It is not for nothing that Canada or Scotland are the cradle of curling, but the province of Groningen in the Netherlands demonstrates why the curling virus has such a good base in the Netherlands.

As is clear from the reports of Het Dagblad van het Noorden and Groninger Gezinsbode, this unique stone, the oldest in the world, will be on display on Friday at the Noordelijk Scheepvaartmuseum / Museum aan de A. In view of its enormous growth in popularity. of curling, a large influx of curling enthusiasts is expected.


VaKanzi Tours

Kanzi has been giving you a 5-minute break for a long time, but in 2022 our lives are busier and more unpredictable than ever. So they can only draw one conclusion: those 5 minutes are not enough. That is why they are expanding with VaKanziTours – day trips to the lush apple orchard in Geldermalsen, where you can experience ultimate relaxation during various activities. To be booked soon.

canned yogurt

Take your flan or yogurt wherever you go! To the beach or to the park, everything is possible with the practical cans from Boermarke!

Grass cheese, with real pieces of grass

The new grass cheese is released every year in May, to the delight of the many cheese lovers. But this year, on the eve of the first grass cheese of the year, Beemster is launching grass cheese, with real grass bits. He will soon be found on supermarket shelves and in every farm store.

Coaching 24/7, for 21 days

Do you want to change once and for all? Get that toned body and become the best version of yourself? Team launches a new unique product. Coaching 24/7, for 21 days. Along with their trainers and experts, they guide you day and night with the ultimate transformation. A fanatical sports regimen, 20,000 steps per day and optimal nutrition every day thanks to the perfect nutrition plan for you. Registration will only cost you 25,000 euros.

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