The most impressive photos of the month.

A resident of Sukajaya village in the Indonesian municipality of Serang lies on the sofa in her flooded house. Since March 1, central Indonesia has been affected by heavy rains that have caused flooding. Hundreds of people have been evacuated.

Photo Dziki Oktomauliyadi / AFP

A garbage collector in Nairobi, Kenya, takes a nap after collecting recyclables for resale at a rubbish dump in suburban Nairobi. International Waste Pickers Day, March 1, commemorates 11 waste pickers who were murdered in Colombia in 1992 and draws attention and appreciation for their profession.

A mother holds her newborn baby in the basement of a kyiv maternity hospital that is used as a bomb shelter, as the air raid siren sounds outside warning of an airstrike.

Three girls stand behind glass on the grounds of the Agda Hotel in the Ethiopian city of Semera. Thousands of Eritreans fled on foot to escape the violence in the country. Under Eritrea’s totalitarian regime, there is no political or press freedom, and religious freedom is limited.

Photo Eduardo Soteras / AFP

A drone photo shows French tightrope walker Nathan Paulin attempting to bridge a distance of 620 meters on a 108-meter-high tightrope between two wind turbines at the Peuchapatte wind farm in Switzerland.

Photo Laurent Gillieron / EPA

US Vice President Kamala Harris visited Selma, Alabama, this month in honor of the Bloody Sunday commemoration. On the historic Bloody Sunday, March 7, 1965, protesters for civil rights, particularly the rights of black Americans, were attacked and detained by local officers during a protest march.

Photo Elijah Nouvelage / AFP

International Women’s Day was celebrated around the world last month. Two women protesters embrace during a march through Montevideo, the South American capital of Uruguay.

Photo Mariana Greif / Reuters

People attend the funeral procession of the murdered 24-year-old girl Rafiya Nazir in Srinagar, India. Nazir was killed when a grenade landed on a busy street in the city center in the Kashmir region, which has been the subject of conflict between India and Pakistan for decades.

French Culture Minister Roselyne Bachelot visited the Notre Dame archaeological research site in Paris earlier this month. During restoration work, an ancient sarcophagus was found under the floor of the cathedral. The coffin, made of lead, was discovered during repairs needed after the 2019 fire.

Photo Julien de Rosa / AFP

Saharan sand reached Europe this month. This happens when the wind blows from south to north over a long distance. In this photo, sand covers the mountain peaks in the Piau-Engaly ski area in southern France. Also in the Netherlands (a thin layer) of sand could be seen in several places.

Photo Bastien Arberet / AFP

Motorcyclists in Bukavu, a city in the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo, queue at the pump. As a result of the war in Ukraine, fuel prices are rising all over the world. Several international organizations warn that this will be particularly problematic for the world’s poorest. This Bukavu pumping station is the only one in the city that has not increased gasoline and diesel prices.

Photo Guerchom Ndebo / AFP

A cleaner goes about his business in the arrival hall of Hong Kong International Airport. The area where passengers must quarantine after arrival is located next to this arrivals hall. Hong Kong, like China and Singapore, has a ‘zero Covid policy’: a strategy aimed at completely eradicating Covid-19.

Photo Tyrone Siu/Reuters

Rescuers search for black boxes where the China Eastern Airlines plane crashed. No one survived the plane crash in southwestern China. The fire that started after the plane crashed was large enough to be seen from space.

Dogs walk past the lifeless body of a resident of the Ukrainian city of Irpin. Russian attacks continue in the kyiv suburb. Fierce fighting has broken out in Irpin in recent weeks, destroying much of the city and displacing large numbers of civilians.

Photo Serhii Mykhalchuk/Reuters

Members of the Mara Salvatrucha and Barrio 18 gangs in prison in Ciudad Barrios, El Salvador. A state of emergency has been in effect in the Central American country since Sunday due to a sudden explosion of gang violence. As a result, the army and the police can now act more decisively.

Photo Press Office of the Presidency of El Salvador / AFP

Brazilian families pass through a hole in the border wall to reach the United States. The Biden administration has announced new and faster procedures for dealing with asylum claims. It has yet to deliver on its promise to provide a path to citizenship for the estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants already living in the US.

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