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Below is a brief news summary with a series of messages that made headlines in Israel last week.

Thursday March 10
Israel welcomes fellow believers from Ukraine
Prime Minister Bennett announces a plan to bring Ukrainian Jews ‘home’. He did so after a meeting with the competent commission on migration and integration. “We all have to excel at this and spare these newcomers all the red tape,” the prime minister said.
The war in Ukraine could also cause problems in Israel
“A large part of Israel’s grain production is covered by Ukraine,” Ukrainian-Israeli historian/journalist Shimon Briman said in an interview with Jüdische Allgemeine. Briman emphasizes the main economic consequences of the war in Ukraine for Israel and far beyond the region. Ukraine has been Israel’s main grain supplier for more than a decade.

Wednesday March 9
Good news from the Promised Land for those with heart disease
An international study led by a Tel Aviv University researcher offers new technology that could help many patients who have had a bioprosthetic heart valve implanted by avoiding additional complicated replacement surgery.

Michal Herzog and Emine Erdoğan visit the presidential library in Ankara
During President Herzog’s meeting with the Turkish President, his wife Michal visited the Presidential Library in Turkey on Wednesday accompanied by the First Lady of the Turkish Republic. During that visit, Ms. Herzog donated several books in Hebrew to the Presidential Library’s Hebrew Language Collection on Tuesday, March 8.
Archaeological find discovered at home in Jerusalem
Rare and decorated pieces of bone and ivory from the Biblical period and some 1,500-year-old ancient bowls containing spells and incantations in Hebrew were discovered in the home of a suspected illegal alien resident of the Ramat Shlomo neighborhood of Jerusalem. antique trade.

International Women’s Day marked with visit of women journalists to the United Arab Emirates
In collaboration with the Ministry of Regional Cooperation and the Government Press Office (GPO), a first-of-its-kind delegation of influential women journalists from Israel and the region has departed for the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to participate in a unique women’s forum that works on the integration of female workers. Special attention is paid to the situation of women in matters of health, employment, education, status and security.

monday march 7
IDF Fighters Knock Out Iranian Drones From The Skies
The IDF announced on Sunday night that in March 2021, the Iranian regime launched two drones towards Israeli territory. The drones were successfully intercepted by an Israeli Air Force F-35i “Adir” aircraft. This was the first operational intercept of a UAV by an F-35i aircraft in the world. The interception of the UAVs was carried out before entering Israeli airspace, in coordination with neighboring countries. Drones have also been intercepted, albeit in a conventional manner, carrying weapons for the Hamaster terror regime in Gaza.

Saturday March 5
Prime Minister Naftali Bennett meets with Russian President Vladimir Putin
The meeting between Prime Minister Bennett and Russian President Vladimir Putin ended after about three hours. Israel has notified the United States, Germany and France of Bennett’s trip and has been in regular dialogue with Ukraine. Bennett also spoke with Putin about the plight of Israelis and Jewish communities in Russia and Ukraine as a result of the war. Bennett, who is a believer, deviated from his sabbatical because saving lives takes precedence over all other religious obligations.

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