Must Read: Metaverse Additional Driver Chip Boom

Plus: Asian stock market recovery underway, AFM and DNB need to work better together, additional bitcoin risk, house prices continue to rise, and more.

Will the Asian stock market recover?
After the weak performance in 2021, will Asia be the best performing investment region in 2022? T. Rowe Price, Abram, and Schroders are certainly optimistic.

Positive inflation news from China

Thematic investment is quite difficult
Schroders offers seven tips for successful theme investing. There is no such thing as sitting still.

Why is it so important to spread
(returns are in US dollars)

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Also a sky-high energy bill?
Russia has caused the energy crisis and with it gas prices have skyrocketed in Europe. The country has done it for political reasons. So says the head of the International Energy Agency (IEA). According to the club of thirty Western countries that consume a lot of energy, Russia is responsible for the damage to the economy in Europe. RTL Z message.

AFM and DNB supervision ‘complete and professional’, but cooperation could be better
The supervision of the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets and the De Nederlandsche Bank is of “good level”. This follows from the five-year evaluation of the two independent administrative bodies (ZBOs), carried out by KWINK Groep.

appreciation matters
Jeroen Blokland of True Insights is more positive about ME stock

Additional Metaverse Controller Chip Boom
“Widely seen as the next generation of the internet, the metaverse broadly refers to a virtual world where humans interact through three-dimensional avatars that can be controlled through virtual reality headsets.” CNBC has the story.

Omikron threatens global economy
Omikron seems less serious, but this corona variant can still do a lot of damage, writes Bernhard Warner. He sees omikron’s threat to the global economy coming from four directions: growth, stock markets, the labor market and supply chains.

Less money in circulation, so bitcoin is worth less
The relationship seems clear. So will Bitcoin continue to fall in value?

Amsterdam even more technology fair
WeTransfer goes to the Amsterdam Stock Exchange.

Holland invests in hydrogen

Beware of forced investments in own funds
“Evidence shows that there are conflicts of interest between investors and asset managers who also provide model portfolios that include funds they sponsor, conflicts that affect the quality of recommendations.” Strong analysis by Larry Swedroe.

Active vs. Passive
The returns of the IEX Fund 40 (actively managed mutual funds) and the IEX Index 20+ (ETF).

House prices: +20.7% in the fourth quarter of 2021 (compared to some before)

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