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The Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) is making frantic efforts to give us the idea that inflation is not so bad. However, many statisticians say the actual numbers are much higher than what CBS suggests. The prices of items such as houses are not included in CBS’s calculations. The interest on your mortgage also increases while the interest on your savings is still at a maximum of 0.01%. This raises questions like:

  • How much should I get to beat inflation?
  • Can I in these circumstances FIRE (financially independent early retirement) still achieve?

In this blog, I will walk you through the way I, as a Financial Free Guy, see this problem. Can you still achieve high-speed financial freedom, and if so, what does it take? My question is there with a open mind because in this blog I want to start reprogramming you financially.

The definition of FIRE is incorrect.

People who talk about FIRE often have the following calculation in their heads:

  • Amount invested x expected return = coverage of fixed costs

Do you use this sum? So I have bad news: countless factors outside of your control can influence this sum.

Crisis, inflation, government intervention, changes in taxes, increases in interest rates, changes in costs or even the bankruptcy of intermediaries such as runners, stock exchanges, property managers, platforms and banks. You want to keep those links to a minimum, but you’ll understand that you’ll need some. The sum to achieve financial freedom may seem good, but the probability that it will give you the same result four years from now is zero.

Your Income and Expenses are preprogrammed

The most important factors for FIRE are the amount of your income and expenses. The active influence you can have on both is limitless. Whether you recognize opportunities to exert your influence often depends on how you have been programmed your entire life. With poor programming, you often have the feeling that the amount of income and expenses that have been spent on you is already finite. With richer programming, you constantly see opportunities to influence those revenues and expenses.

Financially programmed?

To know how you are programmed so that you can make improvements, you need to understand how your programming came about. These questions can provide information:

  • YOUTH: Did your education and your friends make you feel like you could get rich? What did you learn about spending money? Was money talked about positively or negatively?
  • SCHOOL: Has the (school) system allowed you to choose a field of study? For what role in the labor market was he prepared? Did you feel like you had a lot of influence on what you would earn? Did you know that the school system has been influenced by companies with the aim of educating workers?
  • DEBT: Do you have student debt or other debt? What effect does this have on your thoughts about how much you should earn? What does it tell your spending space?
  • SALARY: Does your employer have fixed salary scales? What does this tell you about the income he can earn? Does this seem fixed in your head?
  • MEDIA AND ADVERTISING: How do marketing campaigns and the media influence the ideas you and your friends have about spending on sports, clothing, furniture, and going out? Would you handle these expenses differently if you and your friends were never exposed to them?
  • LIVING: What or who has determined where you live? How did you determine how much of your disposable income you wanted to spend on housing? What are the fixed costs and have you ever thought about what you could do with this money? Have you ever considered what this could mean in the long run?
  • STRUCTURE: Have your expenses increased unconsciously throughout your life? Is it difficult to keep up with your income? Is this a conscious process? Do you ever worry about your financial future?
  • EDUCATION: Has anyone taught you about investing or doing business opportunities? Did you learn that instead of working for money, you can also make money work for you? Is it difficult for you to ask for money? Do you know that, with a good idea, you can also make other people’s money work for you?

Work hard, play hard

The statement sounds great, but it’s an ideal marketing model for something that is the FIRE movement. rat race is named. “Play hard” symbolizes a lot of expenses quickly. So you have to work harder again. You do that work for someone who often understands the monetary system a little better than you do. Someone with a little richer programming.

Many people are so engrossed in their schedule that they look away from the clock every day during the last few hours of their workday. Is it the weekend already? Can I spend an unlimited day drinking the frustrations out of my head at the pub or channel surfing on TV or online? Distraction that prevents you from examining your programming.

Need help with rescheduling?

Subscriptions, cars, outings, food, work and above all your way of living. Sounds like solid data as long as you have poor programming. I have good news: You are not a tree! You have freedom to choose and move.

Last year I started to rewrite my poor programming myself. I bought, after research, a real estate transformation project. I had money but I trusted my strategy. I was able to add value and meet strong demand for something that was in short supply (residential versus retail). The following month, I quit my job and sold my house. The house resulted in lower expenses and extra capital. I use that money and my free time to invest and increase passive income. I am now working on rewriting my schedule so that my income is a ton more than my expenses per month. To earn a ton per month, reprogramming is not necessary. To keep this.

Since being in Curaçao I have come across many young crypto investors making very high returns with a lot of discipline. When I proudly told them about the 9.5% return on our property, they asked me if it was per week or per month. Well, although in real estate there is leverage (it is also invested with borrowed money), this question got me thinking. What do I focus on and how can intelligent investment in crypto contribute to my own financial reprogramming?

Pay attention: As an investor, you should always have a plan B. We don’t assume it, but what if all of our diversified investments fall into the water and our income falls? Because of the freedom we have without a home and a job, there is a chance to go to a cheaper country. Then we also have more influence on our spending. Left or right, it’s important to be able to think of more opportunities.


What rating do you give your financial programming?

  • 1 means poor, 10 rich?

Save all your income and expenses that you think are tied to backlighting. What would happen if you rearranged your life? How close to FIRE can you get? What final steps should you take? What would your life be like and how would you feel? What do you need to enrich your programming?

The solutions

It is impossible to change from one day to the next. The awareness and search for richer people in programming can be enormously stimulating. I myself no longer get FIRE from the calculations and our monthly growing cash flow. I get it from the growth in knowledge, network and a more flexible way. mentality† When making decisions in life and for investments, I always try to consciously think about what someone with a richer schedule would do.

Together with (my) Financieel Vrije Vrouw, I did the FIRE Masterclass where all our lessons on FIRE, networks and investments come together.

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