Can you get rich if you go viral?

Krakaka!, Can in the water and 5 euros in the mouth: these are all Dutch videos that are doing very well on YouTube: they are videos with hundreds of thousands or sometimes even millions of views. Are the people in those videos all rich now? Or the people who posted the videos? Not necessarily.

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It is very different that the person who uploaded the video makes money from a viral video than the person who appears in the video. For example, Crashukke posted ‘Willems canteen 2000’ (as ‘5 euros in your mouth’ is actually called) on YouTube in 2010. Since then, the video has been viewed more than 2 million times. However, if you do not have more than 1,000 subscribers, you cannot become a YouTube Partner. That’s only allowed with that many subscribers and if you’ve watched at least 4,000 hours of videos.

Crashukke has more subscribers than that, so he will probably monetize his channel. YouTube pays 3 euros per ad viewed (ie not video, but ad) for 1000 views. Also, the advantage of being a partner on YouTube is that YouTube not only pays money, but you get more options like getting donations from viewers.

Deletion Request

But hey, the one who goes viral is usually not the one who uploads the video and that’s where the shoe squeezes. As the person in the video, it’s much harder to make money, especially if you don’t know the creator of the video. If you don’t want that video to be online, you can contact that person, indicate that you don’t want that person to leave the video with you online, and ask them to remove it.

Does that person refuse? You can then submit a takedown request through Google, where you can make a video disappear in accordance with their privacy guidelines. At least it’s the Internet, so get rid of that particular YouTube account. You must be able to prove that you appear in the video, for example, by your image or voice, your name, your financial information or tattoos. Then it will no longer go viral if your video goes offline. So suppose you don’t want to do that and the video stays online, how do you make a profit as the subject of the video?

Be wise, make merchandise

The only way to make money from it is to make merchandise out of it. For example, think of the Island Boy t-shirts that are all the rage by a couple of terrible guys who make crazy songs and call themselves Island Boy. So, for example, the man from Krakaka might consider having t-shirts made with his head and ‘krakaka’ and then selling them on a website or through social media. You can think of the craziest things – mugs, Christmas decorations, key chains, NFTs, you name it – you can suddenly become a brand. Anyone who finds your video funny or knows someone who finds it funny will quickly be tempted to buy that souvenir.

Still, it is better if you upload the video yourself, if you recorded it yourself, because then you will receive income from the YouTube affiliate program or possibly you can hire agencies that help viral video creators to monetize the views and popularity of the video. . . You could also try, for example, to tip websites like Dumpert or Buzzfeed with your video and ask those around you to share the video even more, so that the popularity increases even more.

take your moment

Also make sure to be friendly with people you meet on the street and recognize yourself. You can also think about creating more video content, being careful not to turn it into a gimmick. Just yelling “krakaka” in every video can get really annoying. Instead, let your new viral status inspire you to create new creative content and ride that wave of popularity.

What matters is that you take your time. Not many videos manage to stay as memorable as, say, Charlie Bit My Finger, but as you may have noticed, you can make money from it for a long time, if you make it an NFT, for example, for everyone to watch. again and pay money for that nun -fungible token. Even a decade later, such a thing is still possible. So if you, too, have the 15 minutes of fame that Andy Warhol promised you, don’t sit back and act.

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