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Written by Harry waits

Anyone who knows The Blacklist television series knows that it is a series full of intrigue and strange twists. The most notable came in the form of the season seven finale. Suddenly the production had to be closed due to corona. The creators’ solution was unique: they used computer graphics to fill in scenes that had not yet been filmed. However, nobody knew that these images were made with the engine of Blacklist: Sins of the Father, a game that until recently was kept secret.

Blacklist is a game that is unique on several fronts. The game uses an innovative text interface. The fact of the game is that you, as Aram (the series’ tech expert) from The Blacklist headquarters, must provide instructions to the team. To prevent enemies (the dreaded Cabal) from disrupting the operation, you must send these commands as text messages to the various team members (Elisabeth Keen, Agent Ressler, etc.). Below, you’ll see what these characters do (or don’t do) with your instructions via the various security cameras that can be found throughout the game world. So you jump from camera to camera to direct your own episode.

You can send messages via an on-screen qwerty keyboard. You use the two controller sticks to control Aram’s hands and press the sticks to press a key. Meanwhile, it uses the motion sensor on the DualSense to control the camera, so you keep the keyboard, screen, and multiple cameras in view as you type. Typos are severely punished, just like in real life.

The controls are definitely a unique experience. Those who can write blind themselves have a certain advantage. That doesn’t mean you have to be an accomplished typist: there are certain shortcuts (like shaking your controller on time) to finish words. The computer almost always knows what you mean. The jolt moment adds a much-needed element of quick time.

By the way, there are even more of them. Because if you were just writing, the game would of course not earn the coveted ten. At random times during cutscenes, the game is interrupted by quick-time events, requiring you to stop typing and intervene in “on-field” events. Think about crouching, jumping, shooting, or showing respect.

The game is very strict here, which creates a challenge that is reminiscent of Dark Souls at times. If you lose a qte, it’s game over and you start over. To simulate the reality of FBI agents in the field, you can’t save the game either. So, it may happen that you have lost all your progress in the middle of the game of twenty hours. But the developers have come up with something unique for that, you can use an nft to continue the game.

The plot of Blacklist: Sins of the Father revolves around a digital museum heist in which protagonist Reddington tries to secure a series of NFTs that are not only worth millions, but also have to protect their identity.

NFTs are hidden in the game world through a pixel hunt, where you have to search each location with a virtual magnifying glass. NFTs can be anything: pictures on the wall, paintings, and even hand-drawn sketches on a notepad. The value is not in the images themselves, but because you can actually become the owner of these works of art. And this is where the game goes beyond any other game.

It is important to keep these NFTs out of Elisabeth’s reach, but also out of the clutches of the Cabal. If you see an NFT in-game, you can bid with ‘Reddingtonbucks’, which of course you have to buy with real money.

These in-game auctions are quite stressful as you play against real Blacklist players from all over the world. If your opponent outbids you, it is possible that he will run out of money later in the game. So make sure you buy enough Reddingtonbucks before you play. It is not possible to top up your grant during a safe.

The good thing is that you actually own these NFTs. That means once you’re done with the game (a sad moment), you can enter in-game auctions to sell your NFTs to other players. Again: for real money! So not only can you sell players around the world something they really need (thanks to the lack of the save feature), but you can also make tons of real money doing it!

The number of NFTs in the game is limited, which means that the sooner you play, the more you can get cheaply and the more you can ask for later. Same as bitcoin, but better. Because it’s a game!

Fantastic graphics, audio design, never-before-seen controls, and finally good use of NFT in one game – it’s a wonder this game was kept under wraps until this close to release. But that could also be very appropriate for a TV series that deals with secrets and sudden revelations. Revelations that in the end usually turn out to be a big lie. However, we think Blacklist: Sins of the Father is the perfect game to release on April 1st.

Prior to our review, we were credited with an undisclosed amount that we may or may not use for these Reddingtonbucks.

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