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Getting started with investing can be a daunting task. Meanwhile, as a novice investor, you often get information from all sides about which cryptocurrencies or stocks you should buy or other investment tips. Sometimes it’s helpful, but often adds to further confusion. Alphastocks would like to provide you with a useful checklist to help you on your way as a successful investor (start-up).

have a financial plan

The first step to successful investing is to start with a financial plan. Make a plan for yourself that reflects these goals and milestones. The goals in question could be, for example, having enough savings to buy a house, finance your children’s education, create an emergency fund or just a little more for your retirement.

Make saving a habit

Before you can become an investor, you must have money to invest. For most people, this means that they have to set aside part of their salary to save. Wealth building is typically based on saving for a purpose, followed by smart investing to grow those savings.

The key to saving effectively is also living mindfully and spending wisely. You might also consider creating a budget, keeping an eye on your spending, and regularly reviewing whether your spending is significant and creating enough value.

Understanding the return-on-return effect

By saving and investing regularly and systematically, and starting as early as possible, you can maximize the power of the return-on-return effect.

The power of ‘compounding’ (also called return on return) works by increasing your wealth exponentially. Add the profit earned to the principal and then reinvest the entire amount to speed up the profitable process.

Let’s say you invest $1,000 in a bank that offers 10% annual interest. After the first year your investment will be worth $1,100, after the second year $1,210, and after the third year $1,331, and so on.

“Return upon return is the eighth wonder of the world. The one who understands deserves it… the one who doesn’t… pays for it.” – Albert Einstein

understand the risks

Investment risk has many aspects, such as the risk of a bond default, stock volatility, or insufficient knowledge. In general, a balance between risk and return. In other words, the path to achieving a higher return on your investments often involves taking on more risk.

Warren Buffet says:

“The risk arises because you don’t know what you’re doing.”

So the less we are aware of what we are doing, the more risk we run of failing. The more we know what we are doing, the more we can minimize risk.

Take advantage of diversification

Diversification is a technique that reduces risk by spreading investments across different investments, sectors, and industries. The goal is to maximize returns by investing in different areas that would react differently to the same event.

Most investment specialists agree that diversification, while not a guarantee against loss, is the most important component to achieving long-term financial goals and mitigating risk.

Start investing?

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