V/M Solidaridad: ‘Beyond shame. Time of action’

For years, women have been fighting for self-determination, individual rights, equal treatment and freedom. But it’s still not good enough. This is evident from many current reports. That is why DOCK Haarlem, Haarlem Effect, Rooie Vrouwen, Haarlem in Dialogue, Drop Inn, Diaconie Haarlem, Rebup, Zonta, Safe Home, Alavitische Community Haarlem, Bureau Discrimination Affairs Kennemerland and Municipality of Haarlem are organizing together for the International Day of Women on Tuesday. March 8 between 6:45 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. meeting at Wijkcentrum de Wereld (Laan van Berlin 1) and debate at Pletterij (Lange Herenvest 122) between 7:00 p.m. and 9:30 p.m.

The motto of the day is V/M Solidaridad: ‘Beyond shame. Time for Action’, which focuses on issues such as domestic violence and offending behavior. Register for the meeting at Wijkcentrum de Wereld via safatan@dock.nl and for the debate at Pletterij via the Pletterij website: www.pletterij.nl/event/08-mart-22-vrouwendag-2022-debat- vm-solidarity live stream .

For more information and the full programme, visit www.dock.nl/haarlem.

debating pumpkin
The March 8 Zuid-Kennemerland committee has launched a quick survey in and around Haarlem in which questions were asked about current experiences of (in)security. The results will be presented on International Women’s Day in Pletterij by Rebecca Rijnders van Volt. Kirsten van den Hul, politician and publicist, contributed to the discussion. She discusses how we can get ‘domestic’ violence higher on the agenda and out of the shadows. She pays attention to the various forms of violence, her personal experience with the issue, the political dimension and also what we can do as a society to improve the situation. Contributors to the panel discussion are Wianne Brandt from Safe Home, Attiya Gamri PvdA politician Bloemendaal, Cecile Masson coach and mentor, Margreet van den Bos autonomous feminist from Haarlem and Maaike Koper PvdA politician Zandvoort. For more information, visit the Pletterij website: www.pletterij.nl/event/08-mart-22-vrouwendag-2022-debat-vm-solidariteit.

El Mundo Community Center Meeting
The meeting at Wijkcentrum De Wereld will be opened by Councilor Marie-Thérèse Meijs. The introduction and the debate in Pletterij can be followed there via a live stream. De Wereld will also use interviews with three generations of women to discuss the meaning of International Women’s Day, solidarity and what we need to create a pleasant living environment. In addition, Zonta will give an award to a woman who has become worthy, there will be a performance by the Alevís choir and the opportunity to celebrate Women’s Day.

to register
Do you want to join them? Admission is free and registration is required due to the limited number of seats. Register for the meeting at Wijkcentrum De Wereld via safatan@dock.nl and for the debate at Pletterij via the Pletterij website: www.pletterij.nl/event/08-mart-22-vrouwendag-2022-debat- vm live solidarity broadcast.

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