The University of Applied Sciences of Rotterdam organizes the anniversary edition of the ‘International Day of Internet of Things’

The Creation 010 knowledge center organizes the tenth edition of the International Internet of Things (IoT) Day in Rotterdam on Friday, April 8. This special anniversary edition is entirely dedicated to the theme ‘Powers of Ten: Responsible Systems for People and Things’. With inspiring speeches and lectures, fascinating workshops and engaging discussions, this seminar will discuss the latest developments in the field of IoT and its impact on society.

The ‘International Day of the Internet of Things’ in Rotterdam is aimed at a broad target group of entrepreneurs, policy makers, experts, researchers, teachers, students and all those who are interested and have an interest in the information infrastructure of the future. The seminar starts at 9 am and takes place at Het Nieuwe Instituut Rotterdam. The program offers a selection of all kinds of inspirational lectures, workshops and panel discussions, and an eight-hour hackathon.

‘powers of ten’

During this anniversary edition, the central question is how (digital) technology can be designed in a responsible and people-oriented way. ‘Powers of Ten’, the film by Charles and Ray Eames, inspires us to understand how everything is part of something else: from the atoms in physical and biological matter to the farthest reaches of our universe. According to the Powers of Ten principle, everything is a part and a collection of something else. Everything is connected to everything. Thinking of separate domains and systems does not do justice to the complexity of reality in which all these systems interrelate and interact. The solution of social problems, such as the energy transition, the circular economy, the climate crisis and the development of social, healthy and resilient cities, cannot be captured in a single domain. To find future-proof solutions for today’s and tomorrow’s challenges, knowledge from these different systems must be brought together.

inspire and activate

How can applications of data, remote sensing, and artificial intelligence contribute to challenges in healthcare, and how can people engage with systems and networks? What opportunities can entrepreneurs who develop new revenue models take advantage of to have a positive impact on society? How can we jointly build Smart Cities? It is just a selection of all the fascinating topics that will be discussed.

discussion boards
During the panel discussions, participants and speakers discuss various topics related to IoT. This year’s contributions include: Derk Loorbach (DRIFT Director), Walter Baets (Values-Based Leadership Reader, Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences), Rudy van Belkom (Senior Research Fellow at Stichting Toekomstbeeld der Techniek), Lotte van den Berg ( Director), Mark Frederiks (Amped CEO), Maria Genova (Industrial Designer at Knowledge Center Mission Zero The Hague University of Applied Sciences), Tomasz Jaskiewicz (Professor of Civic Prototyping, Hogeschool Rotterdam), Anja Overdiek (Professor of Cybersocial Design, Hogeschool Rotterdam), Paul Rutten (Professor Creative Business, Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences), Miriam Rasch (Philosopher and Professor, Willem de Kooning Academy), Mark Scheper (Data-Backed Healthcare Researcher, Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences ), Iskander Smit (Innovation Manager, ), Jan Wester (CLICKNL Mayor) and Lotte Willemsen (Communications Lecturer at Soci Age on the Web, Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences).

International Internet of Things Days Rotterdam will take place on Friday, April 8, from 09:00 to 18:00 at Het Nieuwe Instituut Rotterdam. It is an initiative of the Creating010 Knowledge Center at the University of Applied Sciences in Rotterdam in collaboration with the Institute for Communication, Media and Information Technology.

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