Health insurers will offer these free extra services in 2022

Around 1 million Dutch people will leave health insurance in December before 2022. The premium often plays the biggest role in making this decision.

But what if you don’t think price is important? In that case, an extra service offered by the health insurer may be the deciding factor.

In this article you will find:

  • All the free services offered by insurers in 2022
  • Information about what these services really benefit you
  • More useful extras, that have a price tag

The services discussed here are exclusively intended for clients who are effectively insured with the aforementioned insurer.

the doctor applies

Several insurers have an app where you can easily ask questions about your health or if you’re not sure if you should visit your doctor.

These are:

  • CZ and CZdirect: App the nurse
  • From Friesland: Doctor Appke
  • FBTO: The Doctor on Pocket App
  • Solo: App the Doctor or Physio
  • NN and OHRA Ask your doctor
  • University: Vacation Help


You have some crazy lumps in your stomach. You can then ask a question through the app about what you can do about it and if you need to make a doctor’s appointment. You can even send a photo. A medical expert, such as a nurse, will help you.

In addition to chatting, you can also make video calls with a doctor, which can be useful if your own doctor is not available. The best thing about the apps is that they are also available at night and on weekends.

Interesting for you? You can compare previous health insurance policies here.

vacation help

Univé’s Christmas aid works a little differently than the other apps, but the idea is the same. You will receive help during your vacation via a special number, for example to find a good doctor or hospital abroad or to hire an interpreter.

Share care reimbursement

With two insurers it is possible to share certain health care reimbursements with a partner who is co-insured.

  • Interpolis: Physiotherapy Sharing Together
  • Care and Safety: Sharing Dental Reimbursement


You and your partner have a ZorgActief Zonder Zorgen package with Interpolis. This insurance offers 20 physiotherapy treatments per person per year. With Physio Sharing Together you have a total of 40 treatments at your disposal in 2022.

Free Accident Insurance

Several insurers offer free accident (dental) insurance through the basic insurance. For example, you will be reimbursed for dental care after an accident. The maximum amount to be reimbursed is €10,000.

  • Eye: free dental accident insurance
  • Ditzo: free roadside assistance in case of an accident (dentist + physio)
  • Yaaah: free dental accident insurance


You fall with your bike and you break a tooth. Dental accident insurance covers dental damage in this case up to a maximum of 10,000 euros. Look closely at the conditions to see what is understood and what is not by accident.

Scanning of the skin (SkinVision)

Do you have health insurance from CZ, CZdirect, Just, NN or OHRA?

Then you can use SkinVision for free. This allows you to check your skin for spots you don’t trust, like a mole.

How does it work?

  • Download the app and take a picture of the blemish on your skin
  • Submit your photo for SkinVision to review
  • You will receive a risk assessment and advice on next steps within 30 seconds.

Studies show that SkinVision is 95% sensitive in recognizing skin cancer.

Fit app

Do you take out health insurance through United Consumers? You then benefit from the Fitter app that helps you get and stay fit, for example by working on exercise, nutrition and sleep.

Healthy choices are rewarded.

Useful additional services

The following insurers have launched an extra service that is available to everyone:

  • Aevitae Aevital: health platform with tips and tests on various topics
  • Menzis SamenGezond: save points with a healthy lifestyle
  • VGZ Mindfulness App: exercises to de-stress
  • Zilveren Kruis Wijzer: medical tips and advice at home and on the go

paid services

Finally, there is also a series of extra services that no are free, but that I certainly didn’t want to hide from you:

asr vitality

In recent years, health insurers have begun to see the benefit of prevention, that is, eating a healthy diet and getting enough exercise.

Therefore, several insurers have established a special health program that rewards participants for making healthy choices.

One of them is asr Vitality.

This is a motion app that you install on your phone and can connect to a smartwatch or Fitbit. The app motivates you to exercise more and keep doing it. In return you will receive gifts, vouchers or a discount on your additional medical insurance. You choose your rewards yourself.

Vitality is free for the first three months with Ditzo or asr. After that, the service costs 3.50 euros per month.

Physiotherapy service to take away

Unique in the Netherlands is the Takeaway Physiotherapy service, which is offered exclusively through the health insurer OHRA. The idea is that you can carry over your unused physical therapy treatments to the next insurance year.

The take away service costs 1.50 euros per month.


You have Supplemental OHRA and will see a physical therapist five times in 2022. You can then carry over the four treatments you haven’t used until 2023. By that year, you’ll have 13 treatments in total.

Online Physiotherapy App

Do you have the ‘Muscles and Joints’ add-on module in FBTO? Then you can use the Online Physio app for free. In it you learn exercises to work on your ailments at home. That can save you another visit to the physical therapist.

PhysiApp: online physiotherapy

OHRA also makes an online physio application available to all its policyholders, called: PhysiApp. With the PhysiApp you can do your physio exercises at home. From personal exercises to contact with your physiotherapist. Good to know: a complete PhysiApp track counts as one physical therapy treatment.

Premium health apps

Through the health insurance policies of Anderzorg and the newcomer Vink Vink, you can take out a practical additional insurance policy, called Bundel or Flex.

This service costs 6.75 euros per month and gives you free access to a series of premium health applications:

  • Headspace: Mindfulness, Meditation, and Relaxation for $4.99 per month
  • Sworkit: personal trainings at $9.99 per month
  • The Fabulous: working on healthy routines
  • PhysioSelf-check – independent exercises for complaints, such as an injury

Plus, with the Bundel of Flex you also get:

  • Worldwide coverage for emergency care
  • 16 physiotherapy treatments after an accident
  • €10,000 dental expenses covered after an accident

You will find Anderzorg and Vink Vink in our health comparator.

luxury nursing

NN is the only insurer that has insurance that gives you more luxury in case of hospitalization. The “luxury nursing” module covers the following:

  • a private room
  • TV, radio and internet in your room
  • Compensation if luxury nursing is not possible

The premium for this service is 20 euros per month. For the specific conditions, visit

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