Vacation! Soon you will be able to visit these countries in the metaverse

Vacation pay is almost here, the sun is showing, and probably more and more people are looking forward to their vacations. However, in fewer and fewer vacation destinations you have to wait until you are physically present, because in the metaverse you can visit one sunny place after another.

Benidorm Country

Benidorm is the new spa that can soon be visited in the metaverse: that is only possible from May, but a video already shows what can be expected from it. It is still a somewhat barren world, but there are tourist attractions in that area to see. You can visit the Levante and Poniente beaches and the special viewpoint of Castell (which you can also see in the photo at the top of this article). Would you like to visit Benidorm Land? You can then visit the SIX3D metaverse starting in May.

SIX3D is a new metaverse that is not available right now, but will also be available in May. Soon you will be able to find it on Steam, which is a good place for a metaverse: Benidorm, for example, hopes to reach many young people, because they are the ‘tourists of the future’. Given that Steam has more than 140 million users, many of them young, it’s a convenient haven for a new metaverse.


If you prefer to see and learn more about Catalan culture, you can approach CatVers. The Spanish autonomous community has developed an open source environment where organizations can hold meetings, but you can also visit exhibitions or attend festivals as a virtual tourist. It’s built by CBCat and will probably be free for the first two months, but after that a subscription form will come. It is even considering launching a cryptocurrency, so the Barcelona region clearly has a lot going for it. Their presentation is not as exciting and fluid as Benidorm’s, but it does give you an idea of ​​what to expect from CatVers:


At the moment, it doesn’t have a presence in the metaverse yet, but the South Korean city of Seoul plans to make its debut in the metaverse in 2023. It seems that the virtual Seoul is not being built on top of an existing metaverse, but on a completely new platform. You can also create a personal avatar here, maneuver around town and talk to other people. It’s called the Metaverse 120 Center and it comes with its own virtual reality glasses that cost about 250 euros. The city also wants to use it immediately to see what an urban city could look like and what other services it can offer its citizens. It is a great project: Seoul allocates 3 million euros to develop it. Therefore, it should function as a kind of virtual town hall.

Santa Monica

California’s sunny Santa Monica is also a place you’ll soon be able to visit in the metaverse. The city is built on the FlickPlay platform, where you have to play a lot to earn credits. Santa Monica really embraces gaming, rather than having just a tourist or administrative function. In this way, you can save 15 digital collectibles and one collectible is added every week.


Caribbean Barbedos also have plans to make a nice presence in the metaverse. He even wants to set up an embassy in the virtual world. The intention is to establish a digital sovereign country and Barbados appears to be developing this in collaboration with Decentraland, giving it a very proven metaverse. Barbados is embracing the technology anyway: It appears to be the most crypto-friendly country in the world.

While few official cities can be found in the metaverse at this time, it is likely to increase significantly in the near future. In the Netherlands, cities seem to be keeping an eye on things for a while, although we do have a metaverse festival in Amsterdam.

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