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The OpenSea NFT marketplace is compatible with the Solana network, expanding the offering many times over. Furthermore, the Opera web browser says that it supports no less than eight blockchains. Time to take a closer look at both news!

OpenSea and Solana

OpenSea has finally confirmed that it will add support for NFTs created on the Solana blockchain. OpenSea revealed the news with a short teaser video posted on their official Twitter account, mocking the barrage of tweets asking about their plans to add Solana.

The video above is about “the best kept secret in Web3”. The main takeaway from the video is that Solana support is coming in April. No specific date was mentioned, but April already starts on Friday.

Why is Solana’s support important? Most NFTs are created on the Ethereum blockchain, but Solana keeps a close eye on them. There are many popular collections of NFTs and it only makes things easier for collectors if they can be traded in a market.

OpenSea’s teaser video showcases NFTs from some of Solana’s top collections, including Solana Monkey Business, Aurory, Boryoku Dragonz, Catalina Whale Mixer, and Degenerate Ape Academy.

OpenSea is currently the most popular marketplace in the NFT industry, generating billions of dollars in transaction volume every month.

Solana’s addition to OpenSea could cause major problems in Magic Eden, another NFT marketplace that has hosted more than 90% of all Solana NFT sales in the past week.

Opera web browser supports eight blockchains

Opera, a popular web browser, today announced on its website that the browser will add support for up to eight new blockchain networks. The goal is to make it easier for users to work with dApps.

The eight blockchains are:

  • Bitcoin
  • polygon
  • Solarium
  • StarkEx
  • ronin
  • zeal
  • highly strung
  • IXO (Cosmos)

The addition of Ronin is especially interesting as it works with the Axie Infinity video game. Then you could check your Axies through Opera. Integration of multiple blockchains and especially Layer 2 should not be dependent on a single chain (or as Opera calls it: chain agnostic).

“The average web user may still be hesitant to jump into Web3, but with the integration of Solana, Polygon and others into our mobile browser, they can now access these technologies from the security and familiarity of the browser they know,” Jorgen said. . Harness. , Mobile Executive Director at Opera.

Opera Cryptographic Browser Project

Additionally, they announced that Polygon dApps are now available in the new native Web3 browser called the Crypto Browser Project. It is available for download for Mac, Android, and Windows computers. This is a beta version, so you may encounter bugs.

Crypto Browser Project is a standalone browser with built-in dApp support and non-custodial wallet. This means that you are in control of your private keys. It is not yet known how Opera will set this up technically.

Opera is one of the oldest web browsers and has been around since 1995. The browser is popular for its privacy features, but also because the web version has a built-in VPN.

In 2018, the company released its first web browser with an integrated Ethereum wallet and some basic Web3 support, providing access to the ERC-20 tokens that power dApps. Additionally, ERC-721 tokens are also supported. This is the standard for creating and collecting digital collectibles (NFTs).

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