MORE Excursions in Friesland: five tips

‘Holocaust- Hollywood, the children of Ilse Weber’. Photo: Piet Douma

Be amazed by the antics of Youth Circus Saranti, visit the Frisian-language play ‘Echt Wier!’ or be moved by poems by Ilse Weber.

The Right Dosage of Circus Jitters

After two long years without performing, the youngsters of the Frisian Youth Circus Saranti can finally show off their antics again in the arena. In his new theatrical show entitled circus jitters they take you as an audience into everyday life at school. When the umpteenth boring day of school arrives, it seems that it will be a day like many, but appearances are deceiving. As soon as the school principal isn’t looking, the most impressive antics are secretly performed.

Nice gatherings arise in the schoolyard; everyone suffers from Circus Jitters. From unicycling and hula hooping in the schoolyard to stunts on school desks and tightrope walking in the classroom; Jeugdcircus Saranti artists show that school can be cool with the right dose of CircusKriebels. Saranti will play this family show on Sunday at 3pm at De Harmonie in Leeuwarden. During the 20-minute break, children can paint their faces.

Leeuwarden – De Harmonie, Sunday 3pm, 15 euros

Jan and Marijke break the silence

Colleagues and husbands Jan Arendz and Marijke Geertsma from JM Teaterwurk come to Franeker with their new play in Frisian Royal grass! † A show with stories and anecdotes about everyday life, about talking and keeping quiet, about loyalty and loneliness, about ordering and conserving, about sleeping and keeping awake, about the wind and time, about the then, about the now, about the then.

As husband and wife, they know the problem of an elderly couple, who can grow apart because they are together every day. Arendz and Geertsma break the silence, tell stories and act out scenes, comically and from life in this original Frisian play by Bonne Stienstra. The special guest is Frâns Faber, cartoonist, illustrator and musician.

Franeker – De Koornbeurs, Sat 8:15 p.m., Sun 3 p.m., €23.50

Swinging tribute to the best music of the sixties

The guys from The Bootleg Sixties have been revolutionizing theaters for years with odes to the legendary music of the sixties. The British group returns overtures back with a new song list. You listen to world famous songs like hello jude Blowing in the wind Sound of silence and you can sing and dance to hits from the likes of The Beatles, The Who, The Doors, Simon & Garfunkel, The Beach Boys, The Monkees, The Rolling Stones and even our very own Shocking Blue.

With a lot of passion and phenomenal energy, the British musicians put the right inspiration into the music. The band’s fun way of playing is contagious and with the beautiful historical images, perfectly reflecting the era, you imagine going back in time.

Drachten – De Lawei, Thursday 8pm, €26.50

Poems Ilse Weber beacon of hope

the musical theater play Holocaust- Hollywood, the children of Ilse Weber A penetrating account of the life of writer Ilse Weber and the children in her life. This Jewish woman of German-Czech descent wrote children’s books, radio plays and beautiful poems. The German poems she secretly wrote in the Theresienstadt model ghetto were a beacon of hope for many inmates and miraculously survived the war.

76 years later, the poems form the basis of this stunning multilingual musical theater performance with Inez Timmer and Tseard Nauta. The two artists effortlessly combine their singing, acting and musical qualities and create Holocaust-Hollywood, the children of Ilse Weber a performance that will never be forgotten. Thanks in part to Eppie Dam, who has translated a number of Ilse Weber’s poems and song texts into Frisian with great feeling, the play is an extraordinary theatrical documentary.

Gorredijk – De Skâns, Friday 8:15 p.m., 5:25 p.m. drink included

Americana with a wonderful nostalgic touch

Gregory Page is a hopeless romantic. For him, nostalgia is not a dirty word and his working day preferably consists of daydreaming in the park. The native Londoner has lived in San Diego since his teens, where he slowly carved out his own niche after necessary adventures in various bands. However, Holland is his second home. Page’s fondness for 1920s singers, old gramophones and worn hats was so well received that he likes to stay here long and often.

Page transports you to another world, a timeless universe where it’s not strange to do a duet with an imaginary singer, or alternate a heartbreaking ballad with an ode to the circus. On Saturday night, as part of his The Sound of My Mind tour, he and his band will play a concert at ‘t VlechtTheater in Noordwolde.

Noordwolde – ‘t VlechtTheater, Saturday 8pm, €12.50

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