Column 2022: The year of the new leadership

The answer is: show leadership. And luckily there are everywhere silver linings find.

the state of the country

Many marketers think back to the 1920s, when a new optimism emerged after the Spanish flu. But this time it is different. Climate problems, dictatorial tendencies in the US, Russia wagging its tail, inflation, the gap between rich and poor… Geopolitics is not going well. In our own country, young people are mentally beaten, independent entrepreneurs are failing, and there is no clear long-term plan. And as a result of all this, trust in media, politics, business and our brands is still at an all-time low (source: The Age of Distrust – Edelman).

The end of the pandemic will not solve these problems overnight. Because they also existed before we entered lockdowns. In short, there has been no convincing leadership for a long time.

So if we want a new spring, only one question remains: what are we going to do ourselves to turn the tide? Or better yet, who dares to lead in this age? Are you? The time is now. Here are the 7 biggest leadership trends in 2022:

1. Humanity

The fastest emerging trend is ‘humanity’. He says that ‘green production’ is only part of the future. We should also produce less, consume less, contribute more to health and commit to personal development. Humanity is the latest trend that demands leaders who are not afraid to shift to solid growth instead of perpetual growth.

2. Mindfulness and Holism

The Humanity trend is driven by a group of early adopters of mindfulness, spirituality, and holism who are becoming an early majority due to the pandemic. The years of the pandemic painfully expose how badly we treat the earth, our bodies and our minds. Those who, as leaders, have not yet embraced meditation, downtime, veganism, and yoga variants are quickly becoming less relevant to new generations.

3. Sustainability remains

But whatever we do, it’s never enough. Consumers tell us in survey after survey that they don’t think our sustainability is good enough (with a few exceptions). Too many brands have acted (too) late. However, Every cloud has a silver lining: Those who now show green leadership will continue to get a lot of talent and competitive advantage in return. But it also teaches a hard lesson. Today’s leaders move too slowly.

4. Narration and vulnerability

But excuse me should i lead? The answer is: through inspiring storytelling. A good story is about overcoming obstacles. This is usually a difficult road, full of setbacks, especially when it comes to the three trends above. But that makes the narrative interesting because the recipient learns lessons from that mishap.It is the journey, not the goal. on which it projects. So a good leader shows vulnerability. That’s from this era.

5. Long term is allowed again

The story of the pandemic is now being mistold by unconvincing leaders. Therefore, we wonder if the medicine is not worse than the disease. But there’s also a silver lining there, because we Googled obesity, exercise, mindfulness, vitamins, and nutrition. Health insurers have understood this and are now moving towards prevention for the first time in their history. Today’s leaders do the same in other sectors. They know: prevention is more important than cure. And what is more important: after a long period of hedonism, long-term thinking returns. (Because by the way he is not going to say that later we are not going to celebrate much… 😉

6. Privacy is back, baby

Those virtual currencies are still a pyramid scheme that destroys the environment, no matter how loud you scream in the mirror that it’s not. There is still a lot to change. But again we see a silver lining: they are just the playing surface of the blockchain. With blockchain, you will soon encrypt your unique profile. then everything turns permission basedProvided his promise comes true, of course. Anyone who can restore brand trust by promoting privacy now has a competitive advantage. So a true leader knows: Privacy is back, honey.

7. Mixed Reality and Web 3.0… not the metaverse

The trend now seems to be the metaverse. But web 3.0 is just an additional 3D layer. existing Internet, not a new Internet. It has been around for a long time and has learned countless lessons from gaming. Chief among them is that virtual branded content is extremely difficult to sell. Its winners will be the brands that have been positioned in this for some time and those that have content franchises.

Apple, Valve, Sony, Microsoft, Tencent, Netflix, Amazon… those kind of guys look good here. Goal… let’s continue to be respectful of the ‘less’. So definitely betting on web 3.0. But bet on the right player. because it was for you mixed reality maybe new, but leaders: please calm down† It is an evolution, not a revolution.

old fashioned leadership

All that is music of the future. What we need right now in the real world is a paradox of old-fashioned leadership with vulnerable leadership.

A healthy dose of Churchill, who only yells at stupid ideas that they have to drop, but is also willing to see when she’s being stupid herself. That’s not very awake, it’s not always aware, and it’s certainly not fun. But it is from this time. If he wants a fruitful spring, he too must be prepared to weed out stubborn weeds in the winter. Even in his own backyard.

In any case, we are weeding and harvesting with our feet in the mud in a land that now desperately needs human leadership. With that, dear seller, I wish you all the best this coming year. May she be very fruitful. Spring is coming.

Rogier van Kralingen is a speaker, writer and musician at the production house The complete history† His latest book is media storm He is also one of two podcasters on The wild men of the media

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