You should not miss this: the most important news from Drenthe and Groningen | daily summary tuesday march 8

Daily summary for Tuesday, March 8.

Russian pundit Heleen on de Linden, goalscorer Freddy de Grooth, Sietce Wierda’s campaign, and suspected fugitive Thomas. Read here what you (possibly) missed today.

Drenthe, Groningen and Friesland receive most of the refugees from Ukraine

Day and night, refugees from Ukraine arrive at the Dutch border. According to the citizens’ initiative Onderdak Ukraine, Groningen, Drenthe and Friesland have received the largest number of people so far. Airbnb’s, hotel rooms and bed and breakfast become open to families who fled the Russian invasion.

Bread can be twice as expensive

Bakeries are groaning under sharply increased costs. Energy prices hurt bakeries the most. But due to the war in Ukraine, the price of wheat is also rising. Our bread can be twice as expensive the industry fears.

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Seven campaigns through Tinder

It’s an original opening sentence: ‘Can I be your political partner?’ Sietce Wierda from Groningen, who is 17th on the PvdA electoral list, is trying to win votes through a dating app profile Tinder.

Suspect fleeing Leek called parents after stabbing ex-girlfriend to death

Thomas, 27, from Leek, is suspected of stabbing his ex-girlfriend to death in Leeuwarden. He fled after the stabbing. On my way he called His parents. “We are perplexed,” says his father.

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Hearing on a fine of 10,000 euros for the Forum of Democracy

Mayor Cees Bijl from the center of Drenthe has considered Forum for Democracy imposing a criminal fine for holding a very busy “illegal Christmas market” on a farmer’s property in Wijster. He decided not to do so after consulting with the Public Ministry and the police. “He would have had to sweep the ground and thought that was going too far.”

Streak through the Drenthe Rally

The organization of the Drenthe Rally says that the municipality of Tynaarlo is not fulfilling its agreement on the rapid scanning of flora and fauna. Tynaarlo announced Tuesday morning not grant a license for the Drenthe Rally stages in Zeijen and Yde.

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OWNER puts control back in the hands of real estate owners

Hundreds of startups see the light of day every year. Many of them become a stable company, some fail prematurely, a very small part conquers the world. Who are those incumbents, what do they want, what do they do and don’t they do, where do they want to go? Start Me Up plunges into a world full of promise, uncertainty, perseverance, vision and hard work.

With these tips you can save a lot on your fuel costs

Diesel and gasoline prices are through the roof. The recommended retail price for a liter of Euro 95 reached the record amount of more than 2.41 euros on Tuesday. For diesel they are almost 2.14 euros. read here how you can save on your fuel costs

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male figures in a dress at the jubilee exhibition Museum De Buitenplaats

The Museum De Buitenplaats in Eelde has watercolors of male figures in a dress in various poses (by Ferdinand Erfmann) and other special finds from the inventory of its founders Jos and Janneke van Groeningen added to the anniversary exhibition 25 years of the Buitenplaats Museum

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The umpteenth ‘**fat!’ he didn’t shoot anymore

Groninger Boys star player Freddy de Grooth is used to being insulted. Also that it is often about his posture. Not in vain has he been nicknamed Frikandellen Freddy for years. But on Saturday against FC Assen, the striker could not contain himself.

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more in the news

  • The number of new corona cases is rising rapidly, after weeks of decline. This is due to the relaxation of the corona rules in the catering industry, which coincided with the carnival. Check the numbers here during the last two weeks in your municipality.

  • The north of the Netherlands appears to benefit more from new houses than from a new railway, according to new research. Does that make the lily line unnecessary?

  • The Amshoff in Kiel-Windeweer has been named for the fourth year in a row the wedding venue from Groningen. “In the end, it is the guests themselves who make their party.”

  • The Public Ministry has statement of relatives of train hijackers fired at De Punt against Defense employees. They would have influenced the marines for interrogations.

  • The signs with choice posters they are becoming more skilled. Previously, posters were sometimes pasted over those of the rival. Now there is no longer a need for a sticker.

editor’s recommendation

Today, March 8, is International Women’s Day. After more than a hundred years of struggle (the first wave of feminism fought for suffrage, which was introduced in 1919), many people wonder where I need a day like this is. Let’s put it all back together.

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