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Do you now have an iPad Air from 2020 and you’re not sure if you should switch to the new model? Then this article is perfect for you, because we are going to compare the old model and the new one. Here is the great iPad Air 2022 vs iPad Air 2020 comparison.

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Comparison: iPad Air 2022 vs. iPad Air 2020

Apple has announced a new iPad Air. We have already reached the fifth generation. The iPad Air 2022 (also known as the iPad Air 5) is very similar to its predecessor.

The previous model was launched in 2020 and symbolized a breath of fresh air. Among other things, the design was completely overhauled, it had a bigger screen (without growing in size), and it got much better hardware.

At first glance, the differences seem minor this year, but is that really the case? In this article we compare the new iPad Air with its predecessor. This is the comparison of the iPad Air 2022 vs iPad Air 2020.

Index: iPad Air 2022 vs iPad Air 2020

Hardware: Hello, M1 chip!

If the iPad Air 2022 had a tagline, it might simply be “beauty is within.” The new model is almost identical to its predecessor. At least when it comes to design.

The real changes have been made under the hood. For example, the new iPad Air is powered by an M1 chip. This powerful processor is made by Apple itself and is also included in the 2021 iPad Pro, MacBook Air (2020 model), Mac mini (2020), and 13-inch MacBook Pro.

ipad air 2022

The 2020 iPad Air is powered by an A14 chip. This processor is also in the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro. A chip largely determines how fast and powerful a smartphone, laptop or, in this case, tablet is. For example, apps launch faster and there is little to no loading time.

According to Apple, the M1 chip is 60 percent more powerful than the A14 variant of the previous model. Graphics performance has also improved. This is particularly good news for demanding users, such as those who regularly edit photos and videos.

iPad Air gets 5G

Do you regularly work on the road? Then we have good news for you. The new iPad Air can handle 5G internet. This 4G successor offers faster mobile internet and also has higher capacity. In other words, more devices can be connected before the speed drops.

5G will be rolled out more widely in the Netherlands in the coming years, making the 2022 iPad Air better future-proof. The older model can only handle 4G (LTE).

That said, Apple sells two versions of the iPad Air: one with and one without mobile internet. The entry-level model can only handle WiFi. If you also want to stay connected on the go, you should choose the model (for an additional cost) that can handle WiFi and 5G. More on that later.

Smile at the camera (selfie)

On the back, the iPad Air 2022 and iPad Air 2020 have the same camera: a 12-megapixel wide-angle lens. At the front, however, that kite doesn’t go up. The new model has a 12-megapixel selfie camera, while the 2020 iPad Air has to make do with a 7-megapixel copy.

Center Stage iPad Air 2022
ipad air 2022

So the camera on the new iPad Air is better. An added bonus is that you can now start with Center Stage (Middelpunt in Dutch). This feature ensures that you always stay in the picture during video calls. Center Stage does this by continually putting you first. The older iPad Air doesn’t have this feature.

Design: barely changed

The iPad Air that came out in 2020 was a significant improvement compared to its predecessor from 2019. The entire design was revised. The 2020 iPad Air is clearly inspired by the iPad Pro and has, for example, thin screen bezels. This is possible by moving the fingerprint scanner, which contains Touch ID, to the on/off button on the side.

This year Apple has taken it easy. The iPad Air 2022 looks like two drops of water on its predecessor and is almost identical. Quite a lot, actually. The only difference is in the color choice. In the following table we have compared the color options of both models.

iPad Air 2022 Colors iPad Air 2020 Colors
space gray space gray
pink Pink gold
Purple Green
Blue blue sky
Starlight Silver


Finally, the old and new models also differ in price. The 2022 iPad Air is a few dollars more expensive than its predecessor, whichever version you choose.

iPad Air 2022 prices

  • 64GB: €698.50
    (The 5G model costs 868.50 euros)
  • 256GB: €868.50
    (The 5G model costs 1038.50 euros)

iPad Air 2020 prices (in appearance)

  • 64GB: 669 euros
    (The 4G model costs 809 euros)
  • 256GB: €839
    (The 4G model costs 979 euros)

A little software detail

Finally, there is a small difference between the two iPad Air. The new model runs by default on iPadOS 15, the latest version of the operating system. The 2020 iPad Air came out of the box with iPadOS 14 built in.

Since an iPad typically supports between five and six software updates, you can assume the new Air is a little more future-proof than its predecessor.

Conclusion: Comparison between iPad Air 2022 and iPad Air 2020

The iPad Air 2022 looks almost exactly like its predecessor, but looks can be deceiving. The new model has been significantly improved, especially under the hood. The 2022 iPad Air has a much more powerful chip, can handle 5G, and has a slightly better selfie camera.

On the other hand, the new model has also become more expensive. Also, the 2020 iPad Air can still hold up very well. Do you currently have the older model? So there’s probably little reason to upgrade. Only if you are a real power user is it possible to make the switch. After all, the new model is much more powerful.

Buy iPad Air 2022

Are you going to buy the iPad Air 2022? Pre-order starts on Friday, March 11, after which it comes out a week later. You can find the best offer for you quickly and easily through the price comparison below. Or you can use the pre-order link below.

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Apple has now removed the iPad Air 2020 from its range. However, you can still get the tablet from many stores. Do you want to buy the iPad Air 2020? With our price comparator you can filter offers by price, tablet color and, for example, shipping time.

Tip: The cheapest option is a refurbished 2020 iPad Air. These types of tablets have been used before, but they still look good and are technically completely in order.

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