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Europa-Park opened the doors of the 48th season last Saturday. Visitors can look forward to countless new attractions, including an Imperial expansion of the Austrian-themed area. The Europa-Park Resort now consists of the largest amusement park in Europe, but also a water park, six theme hotels, the YULLBE VR experience and a Camp Resort. Expansions are also planned for the coming years.

This season, visitors can join the brand new “Josefina’s kaiserliche Zauberreise” themed boat trip. The leisurely walk takes you through a secret palace garden, past gargoyles and fountains and through a special rose arch. Empress Josephine introduces herself at various points in her life during the journey, and the cheeky Yomis accompany the guests, causing mischief everywhere. Loyal visitors meet the Yomis from the “Zauberwelt der Diamanten” attraction. The new “Danube Dampfer” also runs on the 10,500 m² lake and at regular intervals there is a spectacular new “Viennese Waterwals” fountain show with 54 fountains, some of which are 40 meters high. Imperial buildings cannot be done overnight, so the Austrian expansion will also take place next year.

Every day, international artists, dancers, musicians and singers provide live entertainment of the highest level 23 hours a day. Visitors to Europa-Park can look forward to new shows this year. For example, the daily “Ed’s Adventure Parade” consists of three new cars, including a pirate fortress. In the Spanish Arena, impressive acrobatics on horseback await with the show “El Retorno del Sultán”, presented by the specialists of the famous horse trainer Mario Luraschi. The super fast ice show with magical effects, glamorous costumes and exciting music brings “ACE: the adventure begins!” an ode to the legendary Adventure Club of Europe. World-class acrobats bring the Roaring Twenties to life at the baroque Europa-Park Theater in “The show must go on.” The fourth big show is “Abraka…Shakespeare! RELOADED” in which the illusions of Timothy Trust & Diamond will leave visitors speechless over and over again. The smaller theaters also give way to new shows such as the flamenco show “Ritmo Flamenco”, the puppet theater “Baila, Carmen, baila!”, “Junior Club Studios – Live!” with host Ed and host Edda and the soap bubble show “Limerick Bubbles”. From June 4 to September 4, the hair-raising high diving show Retorno dos Piratas is also on the programme.

In Magic Cinema not only does something new appear on the screen, the cinema screen, projectors and sound amplifiers have also been renewed. The new movie to be screened is “Happy Family – Next Level 4D” and that’s where things go awry again at the Wünschmann house. The presentation of a virtual reality game developed by his son Max does not go according to plan. The entire family, transformed into monsters, is sucked into the game and must now complete all the game’s levels to return to reality. He will be successful? A new movie will also be screened at the Grimm Fairytale Forest cinema this summer: “Fina and the Yomis.” Answer the question of who are those green creatures who are making mischief everywhere in the new attraction “Josefina’s kaiserliche Zauberreise”.

virtual reality
As one of the first parks in the world, Europa-Park offered the possibility of riding roller coasters with VR glasses. The offer of virtual adventures this season has six pieces. For example, last year “Madame Freudenreich Dino-Rennen VR” was added. In this, visitors experience a turbulent race over mountains and valleys together with dinosaurs. This year, visitors to the Alpenexpress roller coaster can also opt for “Amber Blake – The Chase”. This virtual jet ski chase is a prequel to the new YULLBE PRO experience “Amber Blake: Operation Dragonfly”. This story is based on the comics by Jade Lagardère from Belgium and will immerse guests in a 30-minute interactive agent movie starting in the summer. The YULLBE experience is located between the “Krønasår” hotel and Waterworld Rulantica. Starting in the spring, guests will also have the opportunity to shrink down and experience the detailed scenery of Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg during a YULLBE PRO or YULLBE GO adventure.

The water park, opened in 2019, has been expanded indoors in recent years with a relaxation department and sauna, a VR sink, and in the outdoor area with “Snorri Strand” and the “Svalgurok” slide bastion. This year “Snorri Strand” offers even more water fun for the little ones: because three new children’s slides promise additional action in “Snorri’s Rutscheklads”. In addition, the “Snorri’s Spelaborg” play corner will make children’s eyes shine. This summer, the Heligvända“ will work for the first time. This attraction where visitors can spray each other is a perfect fit for Waterwereld Rulantica. Outside there is a sandy beach „Dynstrønd“ for bathers and sports enthusiasts. On the outside terrace of the relaxation and sauna department, sauna enthusiasts can visit the third sauna – a chalet called “KOTA”. Finally, “Snorri’s Piknikbud” restaurant opens and “Snekkjas” restaurant gets a covered terrace.

The offer at the Europa-Park Resort will be further expanded in the coming years. Eatrenalin will open its doors this year. This “restaurant of the future” is a world first and combines high-quality cuisine with media, attraction techniques and creative content. In the near future, the Croatian-themed area will feature a spectacular new roller coaster at the amusement park, and first preparations have been made for even more slides at Rulantica.

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