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March 9, 2022
tourism rural Nothing keeps the atmosphere in the workplace as good as a day out with the whole team. Laughing together, getting to know each other in a different way and all noses in the same direction afterwards. Hereby departures from the best company A day with the boss is guaranteed to be a hit!

Photo 1. Walk freely with the whole team through a virtual world and experience adventures… at The Park Playground, you can! Photo: The playground

Insane virtual reality adventure

Virtual reality business outings are incredibly popular and for good reason. Here they go on an adventure together in the most wonderful worlds. Travel through a fantasy world full of zombies, free hostages from a bank or play Who’s the Mole? Virtual reality games at The Park Playground in Eindhoven are realistic, because you move freely through a huge space of no less than 100 m2! When you put on the VR goggles after a clear explanation and put on the special equipment, you find yourself in a completely different universe in one fell swoop. Jump, balance and duck from danger just like you would in real life. Go all-in with tasty snacks and drinks and you don’t have to organize anything else. This will be a company outing that everyone will be talking about for weeks.

Crack the code and escape

Another popular company outing: solve an escape room with your team. The doors close behind you and the clock ticks down… can you escape in sixty minutes? In Escape Mission you will find several cool escape rooms together, which is useful if you are out with a lot of colleagues. Rob the king, lock yourself in a London detective’s house, or search for a missing family from the last century. Keep your eyes peeled for clues and solve them all together! A great moment for everyone when it works and hilarious when everything goes wrong. So always win-win. There are escape missions in Eindhoven, Capelle aan de IJssel and Enschede.

Who dares to take the step?

Climb over bridges and ropes and conquer 45 bridges and more than 300 meters of zip line in the indoor climbing park of Adventurepark Waddenfun near Groningen. This climbing course is suitable for everyone, because there is already a challenging course at a height of two meters. You can even climb here in the dark. And for colleagues who prefer to keep their feet on the ground, there’s plenty to do, too. For example, book a climbing adventure for the rock climbers and archery for the rest of your buddies. Or choose one of the other team building games. End your outing with a hearty dinner overlooking the massive climbing park.

Get some fresh air on a powered kite

Take a breath of fresh air at Beachclub Natural High with an impressive power kite, a huge kite, in your hands. That really refreshes everyone after a day at the office! Learn to control the power kite and feel the force of the wind on the beautiful beach of Ouddorp. Or hop on a kite buggy and let the power kite take you down the beach at lightning speed. You control the kite with your hands and determine the speed yourself, while controlling the buggy with your feet. Exciting! After such an adventure by the sea, a long barbecue tastes extra delicious.

Race on the go-kart track

Accelerate around corners like in the big Formula 1 races, that’s possible at Coronel Kartracing in Huizen! Click on your helmet, take a seat in the kart and experience the true feeling of racing. With fast and hairpin turns, a tunnel and an overpass, this indoor go-kart track is very exciting and perfect for an original and spooky ride together. Do you prefer all inclusive? Make it a full day for the whole company and get everyone on their toes with the drag race. The challenge: run as many laps as possible in a given time. The team with the highest score wins. Pretty tough, because pit stops are unavoidable during a drag race. The ultimate test of teamwork! And easy to combine with a snack, drink, meal or meeting.

creative and culinary

Cordiality prevails at Emmy’s Kunstkeuken. In the city center of Eindhoven, Emmy Geenen offers dinners and creative workshops in a beautiful urban village. In the studio there is plenty of room for creative excesses. Painting, getting started with decopatch or shadowpaint: everything is possible. Or turn it into a special culinary experience and combine creativity with a cooking workshop. This outing is aimed at coexistence, collaboration, discovery, experience, enjoyment and inspiration!

Archery with beer tasting allowed

Tap-Out Adventures in Venlo is full of group adventures. Learn archery like a pro, have fun during a training camp and end the day together with a visit to the Hertog Jan brewery with a tour, beer tasting and snacks. Or open a bottle of champagne with a saber while sabering champagne. A little bigger than a clinic and ideal for team building: paintball or archery tag. Race through forests, grassy fields, or choose your own location. Hilarity guaranteed! That also goes for the Obstacle Run Experience or a game of bubble football.

Sailing to Marker Wadden

Always a hit: a day on the water. Especially if you combine this with a visit to the newest part of the Netherlands, Marker Wadden. With the sails of a NAUPAR luxury three-master, this will be an adventure you will never forget. Along the way, you can help with navigation or relax on the aft deck. After a good trip, the ship docks at the harbor island, the only island you can really visit. A guide from Natuurmonumenten is already waiting for you there to give you a tour. Would you rather sail to Amsterdam, cross the IJsselmeer or see seals in the mudflats? That is also possible. Make a stopover in a beautiful port city or organize food on board.

Go into battle with old iron

If you are looking for something unique, Scrap Battle in Dieren is it. The overalls and welding hoods are ready, because here you will weld, saw and build a great piece of art or a vehicle together. Before the battle between the different teams begins, the assignment will be indicated to you. Then quickly run to the junkyard with your team and grab the parts you think you need! Old bicycles, pipes, pots and pans: you can choose what you want and everything takes on a second life. With the help of professionals, work with real welders, angle grinders, plasma cutters and sanders. The assignment you receive is in line with your profession and your technical knowledge. Later there will be a competition with the built vehicles. Let’s hope they reach the goal…


Also very special: sheep grazing at Hayema ​​​​Heerd. You will not easily find such an opportunity to learn to lead a flock of sheep through a course! Be careful, because the sheep love to trick you. Or learn all about farm life on a dairy farm, where you really roll up your sleeves. It becomes a great team building experience when you take on the challenge of managing the farm yourself for a few hours. Naturally, the farmer and the farmer’s wife keep an eye on things and have some chores ready as well. It can be combined with a special overnight stay in the hayloft.

Photo 2. Racing on the beach, pulled by a power kite at Natural High. Photo: Alta natural © Milan van der Meer

Photo 3. Which team makes the best vehicle or other item during the Scrap Battle? Unique, hilarious and teamwork guaranteed. Photo: De Speelerij

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