Profit opportunity due to a pause in a tight market?

In our weekly price forecast, we anticipate the expected price development of various investments. We look at the price forecast for stocks, index futures, government bonds, gold, silver, FOREX and cryptocurrencies.

To determine our price forecast, we first look at broad fundamental factors that may influence investment prices in the coming week. We then do a reality check for each investment on our price forecast from last week. When we are informed, we look forward.

First, we look at whether there are investment-specific fundamentals. Below, we try to explain this further. For this we use technical trend analysis and oscillators.

For all of our pricing, analysis, and comparisons, we use the prices as they were on the digital price board prior to the start of the AEX.

General Economic Fundamentals Week 13

Of course, the evolution of the war in Russia and inflation are still above the market. Other than that, based on the economic calendar, we see a quiet week. On Wednesday, Europe will announce consumer confidence and business expectations for March. On Thursday we will see the consumer price indices and unemployment figures in the United States. As is known, these provide an indication of inflation.

On Friday we close with the Markit indices in Europe and the ISM indices (both measure sentiment among industrial buyers) for March.

On the crypto docket we will see Binance Blockchain Week (March 28-30) in Dubai and ETH Dubai (March 29-31) in the coming week. In addition, next Monday and Tuesday (April 4 and 5) the Conference on Non-Fungibles will take place in Lisbon. News of these events can affect prices.

With that, according to the crypto docket, it looks like we are seeing a quiet week in tense markets. Does this respite offer profit opportunities? We analyze it in our price forecast.

AEX stock analysis week 12

We forecast a neutral to slightly positive week for the AEX. This turned out to be true. The AEX index rose 1.05%.

We also saw some confirmed selling signals. We repeat this here with the actual return. Sell ​​signals were for: Hunter Douglas (HDG) -0.23%, Almunda Professional NV (AMUND) +10.34%, Lavide holding (LVIDE) +2.44%, Snowworld (SNOW) +4.59% , Motork PLC (MTRK) and Epic Acquisition Corporation (Epic) -. These results prove once again that the market was largely dominated by non-technical factors last week.

The AEX forecast for week 13

In addition to general fundamental factors, there are also fundamental factors that are specific to AEX. Of course, we will list them. We then try to make the price forecast even more concrete on the basis of oscillators and technical trend analysis.

Fundamental analysis AEX shares week 13

We see that the annual accounts season is slowly coming to an end. Especially on Wednesday we see a number of releases, but aside from HAL Trust (also scheduled for Wednesday), the main funds have already passed.

On the economic docket we see that we can expect Dutch Business Confidence figures (for March) and the Commodity Price Index (for February) on Wednesday (before the stock market). On Thursday we expect (before the stock market) retail figures in the Netherlands for February. Finally, on Friday the current EMU debt of the Netherlands will be published.

AEX Stock Technical Analysis Week 13

If we look at the AEX as a whole, we see that the oscillators and technical trend analyzes show a neutral signal.

AEX Price Forecast Week 13

Based on the known situation, we expect a neutral to slightly positive price development for AEX shares for the coming week. Of course, this can be influenced by current developments in Russia.

On an individual level, we see a number of confirmed buy signals. These are for: Geojunxion NV (GOJXN), Hal Trust (HAL)*, Flow Traders (FLOW), Universal Music Group (UMG), SBM Offshore (SBMO), Esperite (ESP) and Neways Electronics International NV (NEWAY).

Furthermore, we also see a number of confirmed sell signals. These are for: Motork PLC (MTRK) and Hunter Douglas (HDG).

We now see that the AEX has opened in a positive way. You can stay informed throughout the day with De Telegraaf’s live stock blog.

Week 12 Index Futures Analysis

We forecast a neutral to slightly positive week for index futures. This turned out to be true. Nikkei/USD futures (NKD1!) lost the most at -0.80%. The biggest gain was for futures denominated in E-mini USD (FTU1!) at +1.11%.

Future price forecast index week 13

If we look at the technical trend analyses, we only see (strong) buy signals for the coming week. Oscillators are mostly showing neutral signals, but confirm buy signals for Ibovespa futures (IBV1!) and E-mini Russell 1000 Index (RS11!). On the contrary, it shows selling signals (which are not confirmed) for Nikkei/USD futures (NKD1!) and E-mini Dow Jones futures (YM1!). Therefore, we maintain our neutral to slightly positive price outlook.

Dutch government bond analysis week 12

We expected a neutral week for Dutch government bonds. This turned out to be true. At -0.12%, 3-year government bonds suffered the biggest loss. The biggest gain was 0.05% for Dutch government bonds with a maturity of 30 years.

Price Outlook for Dutch Government Bonds Week 13

If we look at the technical trend analyses, we only see strong sell signals, with the exception of Dutch government bonds with a maturity of 2 years. These show a normal sell signal.

According to the oscillators, we only see neutral expectations. The exception that proves the rule is Dutch government bonds with a maturity of 3 years. These show a buy signal.

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Gold and oil price analysis week 12

We anticipate a neutral gold price and a positive oil price. We were too positive for the price of gold, which fell 1.01%. The expectation on the price of oil was also too positive, as it fell by 3.99%.

Price outlook for gold and oil week 13

Technical trend analyzes show a buy signal for the price of gold. The oscillators remain neutral. We follow the oscillators and maintain a neutral price expectation.

For the price of oil, the oscillators are neutral, while the technical trend analysis shows a strong buy signal. We are careful about neutral price expectations.

FOREX analysis week 12

We expected a neutral price trend for the FOREX. This turned out to be correct with one exception. This exception was Japanese yen futures (6J1!) and E-mini futures (J71!), which lost 1.30%.

FOREX Price Forecast Week 13

For the week ahead, the oscillators are largely neutral. There are exceptions for Brazilian real futures (6L1!) with a buy signal. Japanese Yen Futures (6J1!) and E-mini Futures (J71!), South African Rand Futures (6Z1!), Micro GBP/USD Futures (M6B1!), Norwegian Krone (NOK1!) and Swedish Krona (SEK1!) futures each show a sell signal.

If we look at the analysis of technical trends, we see that positive and negative signals alternate. Buy signal confirmed for Brazilian Real Futures ((6L1!), as well as sell signals for Japanese Yen (6J1!), E-mini Futures (J71!), Micro GBP/USD Futures ( M6B1!) and Swedish Krona Futures (1 SEK!).

On this basis, we expect a neutral to slightly negative price development in the coming week.

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies analysis week 12

Bitcoin and crypto prices were able to post a very positive week. Bitcoin rose 13.48% in value in 7 days. Still, there were other cryptocurrencies (the so-called Altcoins) with better results. If we look at the 25 largest cryptocurrencies, the biggest gain in a week was for Cardano (ADA), which increased its value by 35.17%. Apart from some stablecoins, the 25 largest cryptocurrencies did not register any losses.

Due to the good week, the monthly results of the 25 largest cryptocurrencies are also positive again. Bitcoin has registered a return of +19.16% in the last 30 days. However, the best result during that period was for Near (NEAR) with +47.20% and we do not see negative results here either if we exclude stablecoins.

The positive environment in the cryptocurrency market continues, as this morning Bitcoin is trading +5.01% and we also see positive results for the other cryptocurrencies in the top 25 cryptocurrencies. Of course, on the site you can analyze all the results and prices of cryptocurrencies live 24 hours a day.

Bitcoin and Crypto Price Forecast Week 13

Of course, we closely follow these developments. Given current developments, we do not do a separate crypto price forecast for a week, but you can read our crypto and Bitcoin update 2 times a day (around lunchtime and in the evening after the US market closes). .) on our sister site WANT. nl.

By the way, you can of course also invest in other ways with your crypto. Buying digital art with non-fungible tokens (NFTs) is becoming more and more popular. David Backham also cast the NFT on him and kicks a ball into the metaverse.

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