Maven 11 Launches Blockchain Venture Fund II for Decentralized Finance and Web 3.0

AMSTERDAM – Thursday, June 3, 2021 – Blockchain investment fund Maven 11 Capital is taking the next step in its involvement in creating decentralized finance (DeFi), the infrastructure for the financial services of the future built on blockchain technology. With the second fund, Maven 11 has raised €40 million in record time to invest in start-ups and scale-ups building innovative financial applications and services around Web 3.0 based on blockchain technology. The ambition is to ‘close’ the fund with 75 million euros after the summer, but that can also happen before.

The new fund offers a response to the explosive demand both for investments and guidance from emerging companies in this sector where high technology is central. Developments around DeFi and Web 3.0 are happening in quick succession and offer attractive investment opportunities in the years to come. Maven 11 has the international network to optimally answer this. “Blockchain technology is building a completely new infrastructure that enables financial services without the intervention of a third party. Services such as payments, loans, savings, investments, and insurance become more efficient, transparent, and globally accessible to anyone with an Internet connection,” said Balder Bomans, Managing Partner of Maven 11.

More than an investor, Maven 11 supports the companies in which it participates by taking an active role in the development of their projects. “In addition to ‘financing’, we provide knowledge and experience. The result of this integrated approach is reflected in the growth in the value of our holdings,” says Bomans. Maven 11 has shown that this approach is paying off with a strong return from the first fund.

“The networks in which we invest offer products that are already widely used on a day-to-day basis. The companies in these networks generate a cash flow that benefits our investors. In this way we obtain value, not only in the long term through the return on investments, but also with a ‘cash flow return’. This combination makes our proposal attractive to investors”, says Bomans.

The second fund will be closed in phases. The first milestone was reached at the beginning of June with 40 million euros. The final closure will take place as soon as possible, with a target size of 75 million euros. With this ‘funding’, Maven 11 will be involved in a wide range of ventures internationally, no doubt also in the US and Asia, where the Maven 11 team has an excellent network.

For example, for fund II, Maven 11 is already investing in Maple Finance, a financing and market protocol for capital-intensive companies. Maven 11 also participates in Zapper. This company offers consumers and professionals a dashboard for all interaction with decentralized financial products and does so without revealing personal data.

A significant number of investors have now joined the Maven 11 Blockchain Venture Fund II. This group is mainly made up of entrepreneurs, high net worth individuals and family offices. For them, Maven 11 will work to significantly expand the portfolio with positions in promising and innovative companies. “And with our central position and active role in the industry, we are laying the groundwork to generate returns from the growth of this technology,” says Bomans.

“We don’t just invest, we are an active stakeholder and partner for all of our ventures. The time between the creation of a product or network and its offering has been significantly reduced due to, among other things, the global nature of blockchain technology. Active participation in decentralized networks, which are controlled by all stakeholders, is a new way of organizing and leads to value maximization within this network.”

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