After the Fall Review – Shoot Zombies in VR

Shaking in VR

Imagine a world stuck in the 80s, then add a lot of snow and ice and sprinkle some zombies on top as the proverbial icing on the cake. That’s exactly the result of Dutch developer Vertigo Games’ latest game, After the Fall.

The VR shooter immerses you in a neon-filled apocalyptic world in which you must survive, while fighting against hordes of snow races. Anyone who wants to describe After the Fall to someone else can easily look at Valve: Left 4 Dead in VR.

The game bears a number of similarities to the zombie adventures you also experience in Left 4 Dead. After the Fall offers several different modes in which you can dive. Horde mode places you in smaller levels with one goal: to survive as long as possible.

shoot yourself to safety

There is also a PvP section where the target is not Snowbreed, but your own flesh and blood friends. But Main attraction in After the Fall the selection is Harvest Runs. These are longer levels where you and three others race into the frozen world to collect new supplies so your camp can continue to survive. Each of those missions is similar in structure to a campaign in Left 4 Dead.

You run and shoot as a group through an area full of monsters trying to give you a hard time. Among the action segments you will find several safe rooms where you get new ammo and can buy some items. Also, you can turn in floppy disks you find during the game here to unlock items that you can use to craft new weapons.

surprisingly delicious

But before you finally get those new items in your possession, you need to get to the end of the Harvest Run first and that’s not that easy. Because After the Fall puts you under a lot of pressure with hordes of Snowbreed running intimidatingly towards you and unceremoniously stealing your life, especially on higher difficulties. Sometimes you don’t know where to look because of all the crowds and you are completely absorbed in the action.

Even on the easiest settings, the game is surprisingly spicy at times, though it should eventually work just fine that way to get to the end. Sometimes it feels like you’ve been sucked into a zombie movie, though you don’t have to be afraid of being scary. jumpscares or other horror elements. After the Fall is primarily an action game and the priority here is to mine as much lead as possible.

Cast shooting it is surprisingly well organized. Developer Vertigo Games has already proven with Arizona Sunshine that it can be a solid VR shooter and here too the weaponry is completely fine. Where at first you mostly run around with a simple weapon, you will soon find bigger and stronger weapons that you can add to your arsenal. The total range of weapons is not huge, but the variety is enough not to get monotonous.

Cross play with all platforms

Fortunately, he’ll soon forget once he looks through his visor again and pulls the trigger to finish off another Snowbreed. The various gadgets are also handy to use, including the pipe bomb for a nice blast and a shot for that much-needed health boost. Surviving in After the Fall is another tough job.

You can try it on your own, but the game makes sense when you visit Snowbreed together with other human players. After the Fall supports cross-play on PSVR, Quest 2, and via Steam VR. Regardless of what platform you play on, if you both own the game, you can appear together. Recruiting random players is also quite easy to organize in the central space of the game. You just walk up to someone and give them an invite. A child can wash clothes.

If you have the luxury of choosing which platform you play on, go for the PC or Quest 2 version over the PlayStation 2 version. Not a huge deal with Vertigo Games, but the controls for After the Fall on PSVR just aren’t that great. great sometimes. This is largely due to buggy drivers available for this platform. Move controllers don’t have sticks on the controls, so you’re forced to move via teleportation. Something was not always helpful when you are in a difficult situation.

Could have used more variety

But the Aim controller isn’t perfect either. The reload button is in a pretty awkward spot, so sometimes you have to position your fingers a bit awkwardly to get it all right. It certainly doesn’t make the game unplayable, but it’s clear that Sony’s new VR headset doesn’t have much longer to wait. The technique is a bit outdated and here too it shows its weaknesses when shooting.

The game itself is also not convincing on all points. Although the core of the game is well put together and fun to play, the repetition hits pretty quickly. With just a handful of Harvest Run levels, each lasting up to 30 minutes, you’ll have seen it all in a few hours. Horde mode and the PvP arena are also relatively sparse in terms of content, so you can quickly replay the same levels.

There is no problem with that in itself. Left 4 Dead does it just as well. But because the levels also play out the same way every time in After the Fall, you’ve seen a mission after about three times. There is very little variation. Graphically, the levels are also very similar, with the same buildings, shades of gray, and expanses of ice. In a new ice age there may not be as much color, but a little more diversity within the different levels would certainly have served the game well.

After the Fall Review – Competent VR Shooter

This makes After the Fall a great VR shooter for the player who wants to hunt with some friends. the shooting the game is well organized and the hordes of Snowbreed coming at you sometimes give you the creeps. Co-op partners are easily found and the game offers full cross-play support, which can only be applauded.

So it’s a shame that the game is somewhat disappointing in terms of variation. The amount of content present is fine, but in a few hours you will have seen everything and will have to replay the existing levels. Ultimately, you’re constantly making the same tune on levels that always look the same and you have to love that. But if you can see through that shortcoming, After the Fall is a competent VR shooter that’s definitely worth a try.

The pros and cons

  • Left 4 Dead Caliber VR Action
  • Immersion while you play
  • Gunplay feels good
  • Crossplay with PSVR, Steam VR and Oculus Quest 2
  • The amount of content is a bit disappointing.
  • Could have been more varied graphically
  • Clumsy controls in PSVR

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