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Screenshot of the virtual reality video.

The latest issue of Glass in the Picture (GIB #5, November 2021) features VR glasses from Baka Glass. The glasses that accompany the magazine immediately catch the eye. If you download and open the app and slide your phone into the glasses, you enter a virtual world. At first, that world was still dated from the 1990s with old computers and a fax machine. But behind a door the light shines and you know the latest glass software.

So, according to director Niels Hoffmann, a world of ease of use and smart tools opens up for you in the field of glass software. A large poster with the cover of the new edition of Glas in Beeld, especially for the world of glass, has also been incorporated into the spectacular 3D film.

Earn money with Baka Glass

Hoffman, who has been active with Lijnden’s A&A Glas for some twenty years, is always up for a high-profile campaign. To draw attention, of course, but above all to point out to the industry the many possibilities of his relatively young software, which has been developed specifically for the glass industry. ‘Welcome to the new world of software’ is the first line of the announcement that supports the action at Glas in Beeld. “Compare different software packages and save up to 60 percent of your time.” It’s all a claim. ‘That’s right,’ says Hoffmann, ‘but practice shows it. Fit more windows and process more orders. Earn more money with the same number of employees. Be accessible anywhere from any Internet-enabled device. Our software has been developed on the basis of practical experience and it shows every day.’

more than average

The action with the app and the glasses is not only expensive, but also unique and therefore comparable to the last five years of development and marketing. ‘Yes, that’s what we radiate,’ says Hoffmann. ‘Development was a gamble, a risk. Where are you going, how are you received? And now I can happily say: we are more than welcome. We radiate that we are a package from practice and that we go further thinking of solutions. That’s also why we don’t create a flat, boring folder. Demonstrating through VR that we are much more progressive. It is also a pleasure for people at work. How nice is it to see your colleague jumping around in the workplace? At the same time, we show that we have people who have more internal resources than the average, more than the average programmer.’

Baka App Download

If you want to watch and experience the video, it is best to download the app from the App Store or Google Play. ‘Yes, you should; otherwise you depend too much on your internet because of the speed. Working with an app is the future and that is why we have chosen to play everything through an app. In this way we also show that we are progressive. How beautiful is that – Baka app on the app store? And finally a piece of advice: do it together with colleagues, because before you know it you will have lost your bearings in a new world. I’ve seen people with glasses crashing into their desks.

Built out of frustration

Let’s go back to the development of Baka Glass. About five years ago, Hoffmann’s frustration with existing software in the glass industry was so high that he decided to let A&A develop something of its own. ‘With automation, much more can be done than the glass industry shows. I came across this in daily practice and then started to orient myself on what is available on the market, also internationally. But that was disappointing. I really looked at many packages, but none of them met my ideal, even outside our borders.’

Lat Baka Tall Glass

Hoffmann set the bar so high for the model he wrote that it took three programmers a year to work on it. The result is Baka Glass: from quoting to payment and from planning to telephony, various modules facilitate the operations surrounding the organization of a glass order. ‘My original team of three software developers is now seven people. Because development never stops. We have been in the market for two years, we have eighty clients and we are in serious talks with several companies, including the big ones. We’ve made good, easy-to-use, smart, and above all, time- and money-saving software a reality. That goes beyond throwing a program over the fence. In fact, we thought through structure, business operations, and process to create the ideal workflow. I have the illusion, no, sure and I see it in practice, that with Baka Glass we do meet all the expectations of a glass company. Hence the introduction through this unique promotion to what is still a virtual world for many companies.’

Read more about Baka Glass on our site.

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