eToro strengthens its commitment to the Metaverse with the launch of the MetaverseLife wallet

January 12, 2022: eToro, the social investment network, has announced the launch of MetaverseLife, a new metaverse-themed Smart Portfolio that gives investors long-term exposure to key projects, both stocks and crypto assets, in the metaverse industry.

The metaverse refers to a virtual world in which users can move around as avatars and interact socially and economically with each other. The rebranding of Facebook to Meta Platforms and the new focus on building this ecosystem is just one example of the worldwide interest in metaverse technology. Tech giants are capitalizing on the future of digital assets, for example Microsoft’s metaverse in Teams communication platform called Mesh, Unity Software’s 3D content platform and NVIDIA’s Omniverse platform. Gaming companies like Roblox, EPIC Games, and recently Ubisoft, which released a low-power NFT platform, are also early responders to this technology and thus have a head start on the potential migration to the metaverse.

As the new frontier between reality and the virtual world, the metaverse represents the next evolution of the Internet for years to come. The potential may seem endless, but applying it won’t be easy or quick right away.” say Dani Brinker, Head of Portfolio Investments at eToro† †The metaverse will require increased performance, bandwidth, and improvements to hardware such as headsets, glasses, smartphones, and cloud services. While this is just the beginning, the metaverse industry could become an $800 billion market, according to analysts at Bloomberg.

The MetaverseLife portfolio consists of stocks and crypto assets that represent the core of the metaverse. These focus on enabling platforms, companies that create the infrastructure of metaverses, such as Meta Platforms and Roblox, and crypto assets or blockchain-based metaverse platforms, such as Decentraland, The Sandbox, and Enjin. The portfolio also includes well-known technology companies that will help drive broader adoption of the metaverse, such as Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, and NVIDIA. The full portfolio can be viewed here.

dani brinkerDiversification plays a key role when considering the investment opportunities of emerging industries, as not all participants will emerge victorious. For those who don’t have time to research ongoing developments in the industry, the market can seem overwhelming. By collecting a selection of assets into a portfolio, we do the work and allow our clients to gain exposure to the metaverse and spread risk across different assets.

eToro Smart Portfolios are ready-made portfolios that give investors exposure to specific market themes. By pooling different assets according to a defined methodology and using a passive investment approach, eToro Smart Portfolios are long-term investment solutions with diversified exposure with no management fees.

The initial investment starts at $500 and investors have access to tools and charts to track portfolio performance. eToro’s social feed keeps investors informed about developments in the metaverse industry. MetaverseLife is one of more than 60 portfolios available on eToro.

eToro also recently announced the addition of The Sandbox, the crypto-asset and blockchain-based metaverse platform, to its investment platform, allowing clients to invest in a metaverse. On this basis, eToro plans further collaborations, including the purchase of land in the metaverse.

Tomer Niv, Director of Global Crypto Solutions at eToroeToro is a forerunner in crypto with an established history of adopting new technologies for the benefit of retail investors. We’re very excited about the possibilities the metaverse has to offer, and we’ll be revealing more details, including some key partnerships, very soon. Look at this space!”

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