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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has expressed bitter criticism of NATO in an emotional speech. It is shameful that the treaty organization refuses to establish a no-fly zone over Ukrainian territory. NATO refuses this because in practice it would mean that the organization would have to go into battle with the Russian armed forces. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg explained that such a zone can only be reinforced by NATO fighter jets, which must then enter Ukrainian airspace and shoot down Russian planes there. “If we do that, it could potentially degenerate into a full-scale war in Europe involving many more countries and causing much more human suffering.” The president of the United States, Joe Biden, wants to avoid war with Russia at all costs.

The Ukrainian president responded with an attack on NATO: “All people who die from now on will do so because of their fault, because of their weakness, because of their lack of unity,” Zelenksy said in a midnight video address shortly after to finish a summit. where Ukraine’s request was denied. “The only thing the alliance could do today was to move 50 tons of diesel to Ukraine.” He calls NATO’s argument that establishing a zone will lead to a larger war “a form of self-hypnosis by those who are weak and insecure despite having weapons far more powerful than ours.”

The invasion of Ukraine started ten days ago and it was not as easy as the Russians expected. The invading army has now proceeded to destroy civilian targets such as housing complexes. A ceasefire was agreed around some besieged cities like Marieopol to give residents a chance to flee, but that truce has already been violated by the Russians.

It is feared that the Russians will escalate the violence in the coming days to force Ukraine to surrender.

13:25 In the capital, kyiv, residents and soldiers prepare for the siege and defense of the city against the advancing Russian occupation army. Not only men but also women take up arms, it follows from the Sky News report. Among them a teacher who taught makeup last week.

Staff at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant filmed Russian occupiers attacking their buildings. They are urging the Russians to stop shooting because their aggressive action is endangering all of humanity. CNN has footage of the event.

France 24 talks to Tanya Shelepko, theater director in kyiv. She tells that she spent the night in a bomb shelter. The night was relatively quiet. She says that it is important that the people of the city defend it against the Russian occupier. “What else are we defending?”

Italian authorities have seized the €65 million Lady M superyacht from Russian oligarch Mordachev.

A spokesman for the prime minister said the move was the result of sanctions imposed by the EU against Russia’s powerful upper class. Billionaire Mordachev is a steel tycoon with close ties to Putin. He says in a statement that he does not understand why the sanctions are directed against him. “I have nothing to do with the current geopolitical tensions.” Italian authorities also seized a yacht belonging to another Russian oligarch in San Remo. Previously, France and Britain seized Russian superyachts.
20:30 Ukrainian agents have assassinated a negotiator who was present on behalf of the government at talks with Russia in Minsk. According to the authorities, the man was a spy for Moscow. The suspect was killed while trying to arrest him, reports HLN.
Meanwhile, Putin has likened the sanctions against his regime to a declaration of war. In a meeting with flight attendants on International Women’s Day, he also said that any country that cooperates in a no-fly zone over Ukraine will be considered an enemy and a belligerent.
21:00 Sweden and Finland will strengthen cooperation with NATO. This was stated by the Finnish Prime Minister, Sanna Marin, after a joint meeting. In both countries, public opinion is growing in favor of NATO membership. Russia has previously threatened that NATO membership is unacceptable to both countries. Moscow threatens to take countermeasures if the countries do so. Britain has already said in response that London will go militarily to Sweden if the country is attacked by Russia.

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