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2022 has begun: a good time to look ahead. What will worry us and the rest of the (tech) world this year? What will be the technological trends of 2022?

digital reality

VR, AR, all not new. Still, creating a digital reality is at the top of my list this year. Until now, the creation of a digital world has focused mainly on games (Roblox, anyone?), entertainment and specific niches. I look forward to many developments in this area in the coming year. Companies are already coming up with announcements, visions for the future, and even concrete applications.

Facebook has already announced the Metaverse in 2021. Although it has been received mixedly – ​​for example, it is said to be a public relations ploy to break its negative reputation and has been cynically compared to The Matrix – it looks like a digital world, in the that people go to concerts, hold meetings. and they ‘meet’ in other ways. , However the next big thing for the internet Microsoft is also working on a Metaverse, as are many other technology companies, big and small.

For this reason, the digital reality currently being worked on is called the ‘metaverse’: software and hardware with which users can play or work in virtual 3D spaces. Users can also get information from the Internet in these spaces and integrate it with the real world in real time.

Innovative virtual reality glasses?

The ‘metaverse’ can now be visited via smartphone or PC. Ultimately, you can also visit the ‘metaverse’ through virtual reality or augmented reality hardware. This hardware is now mostly used for specific applications, but who knows, 2022 will be the year of the breakthrough.

Meta’s Oculus VR app was the most downloaded app in the Apple store over the Christmas period. Meta does not provide information on sales figures for its VR glasses. While the glasses have been on sale for a while anyway, it could mean that these glasses (costing around $350 anyway) were a popular Christmas gift. However, it is not very surprising, because there are more and more possibilities with virtual reality. As we wrote before, many developments and applications seem to be coming in the next few years.

But virtual reality glasses do not mean an evolution! Other parties are also working hard. Last week there was a rumor that Apple is also working on its own VR glasses for augmented reality. Google is also focusing on AR: in 2020, the North company was acquired to make a successor to Google Glass. Google is currently recruiting for a team of developers. Microsoft is also still working on Hololens.

faster internet

These types of applications require more and faster internet. 2020 was the year of 5G and WiFi 6 was released in 2021. In 2022, these technologies will form the basis of technology trends for this year.

Another promising development is the development and launch of private satellite networks. An example of this is SpaceX/Elon Musk’s Starlink: a network of satellites with which everyone in the world should be able to have a good and fast Internet connection. Starlink could reach speeds around the world comparable to broadband Internet. This offers opportunities, especially for remote areas and developing countries. Amazon and OneWeb are also working on the Internet from space.


Privacy cannot be missing from a list of technological trends in 2022. Because what about the privacy of the users of these new forms of internet and online communication? Therefore, more and more consumers and governments are concerned about privacy. That is not new. What can happen in 2022 is that they will demand more and more from companies and that measures are actually taken.

The European Union has already imposed fines for violating the European privacy law AVG. Facebook (Meta) has already been fined over $250 million and Amazon has been fined nearly $1 billion. China also introduced new laws in 2021 to protect consumer privacy.

The (tech) companies themselves are also putting privacy higher on their list of priorities. For example, Apple is already working to limit targeted advertising from app developers and Google is working on a plan to stop working with tracking cookies by 2023.

Other Tech Trends 2022

Of course, trends cannot always be predicted. We won’t know for another year if these tech trends have materialized, maybe a little bit.

What do you think will be the technological trends of this year?

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