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Traveling alone is not only a lot of fun (because: all the freedom you could want), but it’s also very good for your development. Therefore, it is not surprising that more and more people do this. Women also seem to find solo travel better and better. And because International Women’s Day has just ended, travel platform Holidu has listed the safest (yet adventurous) destinations.

Would you also like to go on vacation alone or do you find it a bit exciting? There is no reason to worry, because as a solo traveler you will quickly meet nice people. Forge lifelong friendships or focus on yourself for a while to completely relax.

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The safest destinations for a solo trip

Of women who have ever traveled alone, or would like to, no fewer than 73 percent are concerned about their safety. This is demonstrated by the investigation of Solo Female Travelers. And no matter the age, geography and culture: everyone cares. That just goes to show that choosing the right destination is extremely important. Below are the safest destinations for when you are traveling alone as a woman. These are ranked based on several factors important to solo female travelers, such as street safety and crime levels, as well as attitude, culture, and solo travel costs in each destination.

1.Montreal, Canada

Canada is very well represented on this list, with no fewer than three cities in the top five. Montreal is number one, the second most populous city in Canada. However, if you are a budget traveler, this place is not ideal for you. A one-bedroom apartment costs almost 30 euros a night. You can probably find a cheaper hostel.

Montreal has been rated as the safest city because women feel very safe walking alone at night and because it is very clear at night. Also, the crime rate there is relatively low.

2. Colombo, Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka may not immediately be the country you would think of if you want to go on a solo trip as a woman. However, Colombo is the second safest city! In fact, if we only look at Asia, Colombo is number one. There are cheap taxis and for a one-bedroom apartment you pay less than 15 euros a night. Also, you can look forward to it and you can go on an ultimate adventure.

Colombo is not very well lit at night. Still, women feel quite safe walking alone at night: Sri Lanka’s capital ranks sixth.

3. Ljubljana, Slovenia

The first place for a city in Europe goes to Ljubljana, in Slovenia. The percentage of women who suffer violence in that city is much lower than in other countries. About 13 percent of Slovenian women will experience this in their lifetime, compared to an average of 23.5 percent.

Ljubljana is certainly not the best lit city at night, but like Sri Lanka, Slovenia is considered a very safe place for women to walk alone at night, with 76 per cent of women saying they feel safe when they do. Of course, that’s not to say you shouldn’t take some precautions, like following well-lit paths and avoiding deserted areas.

Safe cities for solo travel

4. Ottawa, Canada

Canada returns once again, with its capital Ottawa. However, this is the most expensive city, with an average price of almost 38 euros for a one-bedroom apartment for one night. And like in Ljubljana, few women in Ottawa experience violence in their lifetime. Only 1.9 percent of women report experiencing any form of violence in their lifetime, indicating an incredibly low tolerance for gendered abuse in society and certainly reassuring for solo female travellers.

5. Edmonton, Canada

The last of the top five is also a Canadian city, but this time in the west of the country. Women in Edmonton feel safe walking alone at night and few women experience violence during their lifetime in this city. It is worth noting that the overall crime rate in this city has increased considerably in the last three years.

So while this crime isn’t specifically against women, it’s important to be on your guard as a solo traveler. Be sure to take normal precautions, such as observing your surroundings, being courteous and respectful to others, and knowing who to contact in an emergency. But overall, Edmonton is still a safe option for solo female travelers.

Solo trip through Europe

Would you prefer to stay in Europe? Of course, that is completely fine and there are plenty of safe cities to be found there as well. Here are the top 10:

  1. Ljubljana, Slovenia
  2. Vienna, Austria
  3. Linz, Austria
  4. Łódź, Poland
  5. Zagreb, Croatia
  6. Salzburg, Austria
  7. Graz, Austria
  8. Gdańsk, Poland
  9. Belgrade, Serbia
  10. Wroclaw, Poland

Curious about the full world list? Look it here.

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