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Research shows that up to 75% of investors in developing countries in Asia and South America want more crypto. They are positive about the market and want to expand their portfolio with more crypto.

Asia and South America expect an increase

Research firm Toluna conducted a survey and received responses from 9,000 people in 17 countries in February. One of the most striking findings is that investors in emerging markets in Asia and South America are particularly confident. They believe that cryptocurrency investments are in a long-term uptrend.

This contrasts sharply with the views of investors in developed markets, who are more likely to believe that cryptocurrencies are entering an exaggerated cycle or that the bubble is about to burst.

As a result, developing countries appear to be the most lucrative markets for cryptocurrency industry growth, with 32% of surveyed consumers trusting cryptocurrencies, compared to just 14% in developed markets, such as USA and EU.

awareness and understanding

The researchers also share a tentative conclusion as to why this difference is so large. The two most important factors are probably knowledge and understanding of the crypto markets. Despite 61% of respondents saying they are knowledgeable about cryptocurrencies, only 23% say they are familiar with the asset class.

Toluna writes in the study that this may be because “it is a complex concept that is not easy to understand.”

widely represented

Today, crypto and non-fungible token (NFT) ads can be found in many places, including Formula 1 cars and various football stadiums (BLOX at Ajax, for example) around the world. This consciously increases it and is good for marketing, but it doesn’t directly provide more insight and understanding.

The EU and the United States fear the risks

The relative difference in confidence is also reflected in the numbers: emerging markets (41%) and developed markets (22%). The difference in confidence is further illustrated by the fact that investors from developing countries are more willing to take risks and respondents from the US and EU want to play it safer. Only 25% of emerging market investors think cryptocurrencies are too risky to dive in, while 42% of developed markets think so.

Almost half know that cryptocurrencies can fail

Still, a large portion are aware of the risks, with the survey stating that almost half (45%) of respondents agree that cryptocurrencies are not guaranteed to succeed. You can also read:

“While 61% of consumers trust traditional fixed deposits, only 23% say they trust crypto deposits in the current market.”

What needs to change?

The survey also asked what needs to be done for cryptocurrencies to gain more trust from investors. These are the most common answers:

  • Competitive transaction fees
  • Accurate exchange rates
  • High transaction speeds
  • More crypto options to choose from
  • Tutorials and simple interface
  • secure systems

What’s going well?

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