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This March 8, 2022, the Brotherhood and Unity in Politics political party congratulates the Surinamese community, but even more so women with the commemoration of International Women’s Day. The day when all women are en masse the center of attention in their search and fight for a more equitable recognition, treatment and position in the world. Therefore, data collection must become one of the main priorities of the different authorities in order to make better policies for women.

The overarching theme of “Breaking Bias” for the 2022 Women’s Day commemoration calls for a global commitment to inclusion, diversity, and equality for women and calling out stereotypes, prejudice, and discrimination against women. Sub-themes such as “cooperation, solidarity and loyalty” should serve as the basis to achieve the strength for the expected improvement and change of the role, position and tasks of women. These issues fit very well into the women’s politics of the BEP political party. Stimulating these issues by and among women should help to better address women’s problems in the world and solve them in a more sustainable way.

By “breaking bias,” more women should have the opportunity to do more for the country and its people. The difference with previous years in this year’s commemoration is that where the profession has always been more focused on men, this year women themselves are called to join forces and work together for their own destiny and that of other women. Through joint efforts, women can achieve a lot with each other in the social, social and economic field. The united force of women must be effective in this time of crisis. When women come together to work together, they can accomplish a lot together.

It is good to go back to the origins of society, the time of grandmothers and aunts. It was very important to raise children together, do social control together, plant farms together, wash clothes and dishes together. Meetings related to daily concerns along the river or stream, in the church and under the market were then very normal. By becoming more supportive and loyal to each other, women can also break the cycle of poverty around the world together.

Today’s life should now focus more on collective achievements where the costs, the benefits, are shared as much as possible collaboratively. The traditions of kasmoni and cooperatives in the past have greatly helped women to work with and for each other. Those grandmothers, aunts, and sisters who were trustworthy role models in the family and in the wards, districts, churches, and other groups should be constantly identified to guide and train the young women. Bringing family and women’s gatherings back to the forefront, where issues were discussed in depth and reliably, was also a way of approaching issues together. Loyalty, responsibility and discipline, trust, norms and values ​​were important pillars within such collaboration and therefore in society.

In the longer term, women can now focus more on housing cooperatives, buying and selling of goods and services, agricultural development, etc. Creating the same opportunities and possibilities between them will have a spin-off effect to improve the quality of life. of women and change their families immediately. The positive influence and inspiration of others is also needed. More contemporary and digital education and information programs, such as the well-known tik tok movies, should contribute to increasing awareness and influence among women.

Many women work hard, leaving their homes from 6 am to 6 pm every day, but the salary is not even enough to buy the most basic services. Not to mention the abandonment of their families. In 2022, attention will still be required to improve the living and housing conditions of families, especially female single-parent families.

If we look at women in senior positions in Suriname, we see that due to politics, many women have been given the opportunity to access senior management positions. Ministers, assembly members, directors, etc. They can be role models for boys and girls. The question is how can women in these advanced positions turn their top positions to the benefit of other women? What can they do for other women?

The issue of the murder, abuse, rape and incest of women and girls still deserves due attention. In-depth studies should reveal the problem of men killing women for the smallest thing. Domestic violence also creates ongoing mental and emotional problems that severely hamper women’s potential functioning in society and leave them further behind in their development. As well as the high suicide rate among men due to relationship problems. Losing men from their families in that way also creates all sorts of other problems for women and their families in society.

The mutual empowerment of women in the social, political and economic fields is an “ongoing process”, but the results must be clearly measurable and visible. Where were women before and where will they be at the end of 2022?

BEP Media Committee

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