The best virtual reality experience in Amsterdam

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Are you looking for Virtual Reality Amsterdam? Do you like being in a virtual reality environment? Virtual Reality is a computer technique that makes it appear that you are in another reality. By means of special virtual reality glasses, the visible reality is replaced by a computer-generated image. With the glasses you completely isolate yourself from the outside world. We have created a blog with ‘the best VR experience in Amsterdam’ especially for enthusiasts.

City Center District, North District, New West District, South East District



MY ESCAPE CLUB is located at Weteringschans in Amsterdam. There are several virtual reality rooms at this location. For example, you can play the game “Zombie Warriors” here. This is a high-end virtual reality game where you and your friends will fight zombies in a special environment. According to the folks at MY ESCAPE CLUB, the game is an extremely intense and dynamic experience with a definite scare factor and some surprising gameplay features. It is one of the most team-oriented VR games. Not only do you communicate with your teammates, you can also heal other players and shoot them. Do you like games like Counter-Strike or Quake Arena? Or are you a fan of laser labels or soft air? You would also like to play ‘Shmooter’. This is a cyberpunk style deathmatch arena where you play against your teammates. Robots and humans started the war and now you are one of them! You can play this game alone or in a team.

There are many fun things to do near ‘MY ESCAPE CLUB’. So you could combine a visit with something more fun to do in Amsterdam. From this location you can easily walk to the city center. You can also walk to the bustling De Pijp district in the south of Amsterdam.

Address: Weteringschans 187A SA

Northern District

A’DAM Tower

At the imposing A’DAM Toren you can now take a ride on a virtual roller coaster, after which you will be driven through Amsterdam in spectacular fashion. You book a ride for €5, after which you take a ride in VR goggles, through Amsterdam’s canal belt, past the Anne Frank House, to Museumplein and across ‘t IJ. The roller coaster starts and ends at the A’DAM Tower.

This location is located at the ‘t IJ wharf in Amsterdam North. There are many beautiful things to visit in the area.

Address: Overhoeksplein 1

A’DAM VR Playground

The A’DAM VR playground is located in the basement of the A’DAM tower. This space has a size of 600m2. Here you can discover the world of unlimited imagination with the most unique virtual reality games, such as sensational 4D simulations, exciting zombie shooting games and escape rooms. This is the largest virtual reality playground in the Netherlands. Both individuals and groups can come here.

The A’DAM VR game park is located on the water in Noord. Nearby there are many restaurants and other fun things to visit.

Address: Overhoeksplein 15

Lightning VR Amsterdam North

What can you expect at Lightning VR Amsterdam Noord? First of all, this location has a great game room. You can see images inside the game. A main game lasts 20 minutes and can be played by 2 to 5 players. The marker works by team. You can also play various virtual reality mini-games, there is a pool table, board games and game cabinets. There is also a cozy bar and lounge to relax and chat afterwards. “Put on your VR goggles, grab your shotgun, and protect your teammates from an invasion. Be tactical, work together and keep a cool head, the fate of the world is in your hands”, according to the organization of this virtual reality location in Amsterdam-Noord.

This place is located in the Business Center Kaap Noord. Amsterdam North is full of nice places. There are many places where you can shop, experience activities, and a wide variety of cozy restaurants.

Address: Asterweg 19E1

west district

virtual reality playhouse

VR GameHouse is an entertainment center in Amsterdam. Everyone is welcome here. Visitors can enjoy virtual reality games at this place. The company was founded by Gosia and Chris. They indicate through the website that they love to share the love of gaming with their customers. You can go here together, but you can also come here in a group.

This location is in Amsterdam West. There are many more things to do nearby. For example, you can visit the Het Schip Museum or the Holland Casino.

Address: Gyroscoopweg 102

Lightning VR Westerunie

Lightning VR Westerunie is the result of a collaboration between VR Arcade and Westerunie nightclub. Here you can experience Virtual Reality estimation in a group in a square room. Have you ever gone on a VR mission with 6 players at the same time? Good cooperation is very important, just like with the royal army or a stat team. You will have to come up with a tactical plan and it is crucial to keep the peace. In this Arcade location you can choose between 2 different games.

This location is in Westergasterrein. This place is a cultural attraction in Amsterdam. There is a lot to do in the field of culture and entertainment. You will also find all kinds of restaurants.

Address: Klönneplein 4-6

new west district

Amsterdam VR Experience

At VR Experience Amsterdam you can have fun using virtual reality glasses. You will enter a virtual world where you will play and experience cool experiences. A session lasts 75 minutes. The games and experiences are divided into the categories swords and shooting, rhythm games and experiences.

The Tom Schreursweg is a narrow polder road between Geuzenveld and Halfweg. Geuzenveld is a neighborhood in the Western Garden Cities of Amsterdam, in the Dutch province of North Holland. Geuzenveld is bordered to the north by Haarlemmerweg and to the south by Sportpark Ookmeer.

Address: Tom Schreursweg 10-D

Virtual reality games Amsterdam

In the VR Amsterdam games from UP Events, you enter new worlds. The moment you put on the glasses, you are in a virtual world where mini-games are played and where you have cool experiences. Here you have a room with 4 headsets. These special virtual reality sets consist of virtual reality goggles and two controllers that you can play with. With the goggles on, you have a 360-degree view of the game, and every move you make actually happens in-game. There is also a virtual reality racing simulator that includes a racing seat and a Thrustmaster steering wheel. UP Events describes it as racing on another level.

Address: Tom Schreursweg 8

Southeastern District

State Arena game!

This location is not for less in our article on virtual reality in Amsterdam. This large hall is located on the Arena Boulevard in the southeast of Amsterdam. Gamestate ArenA is located near the Johan Cruijff ArenA in Amsterdam. According to many, it is even the largest games room in the Benelux. In the room there is room for 1,250 meters of gaming fun. In addition to virtual reality experiences, there are many more fun things to experience.

Nearby you can visit an Ajax match at the Johan Cruijff ArenA. There are many more fun things to do on Boulevard Johan Cruijff. First of all, there is a wide range of restaurants. There is also a cinema, a large wooboulevard, many shops and the Media Markt.

Address: Boulevard Johan Cruijff 183-187

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