Sisterhood documentary about being a woman with Jamecia Baker

Jamecia Baker is one of the women, whom we see tonight on International Women’s Day (March 8) at 10:30 p.m. in NPO2’s documentary Sisterhood at BNNVARA. In filmmaker Sophie Dros’s 2Doc, we see intimate stories about being a woman, discomfort and confrontation. She talks to four outspoken women, including Jamecia, and a group of girls.

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We met Jamecia Baker in Holland and Flanders on the show Ex on the Beach: Double Dutch. Also, she is one of the women followed on OnlyFans: The Naked Flemish Truth. You can watch this documentary in Belgium on Streamz. In the Netherlands it can be seen on Discovery+ starting next Friday.

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Despite the #metoo era and the body positivity movement, why do women still feel uncomfortable when talking about certain topics? What does it mean to be a woman today? And what daily clashes are involved? In 2Doc’s documentary Sisterhood, filmmaker Sophie Dros talks to four outspoken women and a group of girls. They dare to talk about topics that we normally prefer to avoid, such as judging one another, secret desires, unpleasant experiences in the past, and transgressive behavior. Unwanted penis photos and clinical blue blood in commercials for sanitary napkins are also reviewed. While filming, Sophie also shares her own intimate experiences and gets the people behind the camera involved in the issues.

This documentary can be viewed through NPO Start. Outside of the Netherlands, this is only possible via a VPN connection.

Tatjana Almuli, Anne-Rixt Gast, Maria Wattel, and Jamecia Baker

In the documentary, Sophie Dros talks to four contemporary women in their thirties. One such lady is lingerie model and TV star Jamecia Baker. She is accompanied by the photographer and journalist Tatjana Almuli. She is the author, among other things, of the book Guapo para una gorda. Anne-Rixt Gast is a costume designer. Due to her striking appearance with lots of tattoos and piercings, she immediately stands out. And finally, professional bodybuilder Maria Wattel also shares her story. Sophie Dros engages in an open and egalitarian conversation with each of them, without ethical or pre-imposed rules and without mincing words.

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She also talks to the next generation of women: Mimi, Redecia, Lou, Dua and Nina. Five young girls who are still sober in life, but at the same time have had similar experiences and have their own ideas about being a woman. The documentary shows how important it is to take certain topics out of the taboo realm and have a conversation about it. Because isn’t it healthier or even more liberating if we grow up in a world where we experience that others also experience these inconveniences, experiences and confrontations?

sophie dros

Sophie Dros makes herself and the creation process part of the film. Because the people behind the camera also come across the topics covered. What does the cameraman know about the menstrual cycle? And has the sound engineer ever felt intimidated by a woman? For example, Sophie Dros, together with women, girls and her team, investigates how she can expose the image of femininity and contribute to a more nuanced image for the new generation.


2Doc: Sisterhood is a co-production of HALAL and BNNVARA, in collaboration with CoBO. You know the production company HALAL, for example, of Shelley in Wonderland (also a documentary by Sophie Dros), the documentary about YabYum and Joardy Season 2.

Photo: BNNVARA – Halal

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