News in Amersfoort: escape from the virtual reality escape rooms ‘Alice in Wonderland, Chernobyl or Horrorhouse’

Wagenwerkplaats has added a new hotspot. A two-minute walk from the station, you enter the virtual world. Immediately virtual reality glasses Imagine yourself in the world of Alice in Wonderland, discover Chernobyl or escape from prison. You can do it alone, but also with six people at the same time!

Upon entering, you walk through De Proefzaak to the virtual reality room. With two controllers in hand and glasses on your head, you end up in an alternate world. “You can make it as exciting as you want,” says manager Bastiaan de Krom (25). “There are, for example, Christmas-themed escape rooms that are not exciting at all, you can explore a pyramid or you choose The House of Terror, where ghosts haunt you.” In total there are about thirteen escape rooms available. “In the long run, there will be more.”

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Entering the virtual world together

“What I like the most is to see two teams compete against each other. It also helps to have your teammates drag you along when things get too exciting. At VR Room we focus on groups who want a great experience together. Putting on the glasses, you enter a different world. There they solve puzzles together and try to escape.”

It can also become competitive with two teams: “There is in every escape room collectibles to collect If you are facing two teams, you can try to collect as many as possible and set the best time. It is wonderful to see how these groups compete against each other.”

After escaping, you can take a seat at De Proefzaak for a quiet drink. “I think that’s one of our strengths. In addition to a virtual reality escape room, you can have a very good drink here. We have a tasting room with our own bar staff and a beautiful place to enjoy a beer or wine. And of course having a drink is also very nice to compare how well your team did against the other team.”

For everyone

Entering virtual reality is for everyone. “Whether everyone is a professional gamer or has never been on the internet before, the VR Room is open to everyone. There is nothing more fun than solving an experience like this together. Collaborate, communicate and of course have a lot of fun. And if it all becomes too much for you, just take off your glasses to recover.

Through the history of Chernobyl

Bastiaan himself is a fan of the Chernobyl escape room. “It’s exciting, it’s not scary. There are very good puzzles in it. And if you look closely, you’ll find actual photos of the disaster. You experience history, right in front of you. You also don’t feel like you’re playing a game, because you’re walking through history.”

for horror fans

“You can find exciting escape rooms with a horror theme in many places in the Netherlands. But what you don’t have is a maniac chasing you with a chainsaw. And if he catches you, then… Well, let’s not talk about it,” Bastiaan jokes. “It’s much more of an experience than a video game. Even more intense than watching a movie. Not for people who are easily scared, I think.”

In the house of terror you have to do things that you would never do in real life. Photo: Indebuurt / Melt Pels

the test store

Next to the VR Room is De Proefzaak, a new concept in Amersfoort that came from Amsterdam. “You can enjoy a drink here, but of course you can also sit down for a tasting right away,” says manager Eric van Maarschalkerweerd (58). “Whether you fancy a really tasty Kleiburger, a nice beetroot burger, a drink pack, a five-beer tasting, or just want to sit back and enjoy, it’s possible here.”


Kleiburg is a brewery in Amsterdam. It is made in the Clay Monastery in Bijlmer. The brewmaster uses the proceeds to do something good for society. He is committed to housing the homeless. Six Kleiburg beers are available at De Proefzaak.

Sustainability comes first

“We source as many snacks and ingredients as possible from local farmers. The furniture is also sustainable, we have renovated and recycled old furniture. Even the concrete in the foundations is recycled.”

As a passer-by, you can take a seat at De Proefzaak without an appointment. “If you’re coming with a large group, it’s a good idea to call ahead. But as long as there’s room, you’re welcome.” And if you want to sit in the shade for a while, you dive below deck. Do you want to enjoy the sun? Then you sit on the other side of the building, where the sun shines most of the day. .

Practical information

De Proefzaak will officially open on March 11. “You can now come and try the VR Room, and you can have a snack and a drink. In the next period we will offer live music every Friday. Starting in mid-May, it will be every second Friday of the month.” De Proefzaak is closed for events on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Photo: Indebuurt / Melt Pels

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