Hengeloër Jordi allows you to learn and row in VR: ‘You can experience things that you don’t experience in the real world’

You put on some glasses and imagine yourself in space, you learn to lay pipes or row against a world champion. The world of Virtual Reality, the world of Jordi van Netten. He loves virtual reality and made it his profession, programming virtual reality systems.

“In the world of virtual reality you can experience all kinds of things that you can’t experience in the real world, as if you were dreaming. You can really experience it. This allows you to let your creativity come true. That’s what makes virtual reality really cool for me,” says Jordi.

From recreation to VR

However, Jordi started in a completely different direction. “I started with a different education, in the direction of recreation. At the time she had chosen this because she really didn’t know what he wanted. In the end it wasn’t my thing, but I did have to finish the training. Then I realized that I really had to start thinking about what I would like to do in the future.”

The Hengeloër soon realized that he had to follow his passion. “After this I decided to do another course that interested me more. Then I went into programming. I also wanted to work with Virtual Reality, VR. I found it very interesting and innovative, I thought it would be great to delve into this, ”he adds.

Fallen in the prizes

With success, because during his studies he even won an award. “During my studies, I took an exam in collaboration with the Easysee company. We then created a module where you can infinitely walk around in VR. This was back in the days when glasses were just around the corner. We also won the award for the best innovation in virtual reality. That was a very nice final task and in the end I continued on Easysee.”

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Photo: Jordi van Netten


Where is your strength? “What I am strong at is concretizing people’s ideas. Also the programming itself, to process that logic in those games. I think creating that logic is very interesting.”

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Photo: Jordi van Netten

international clientele

Meanwhile, not a day goes by without Jordi being busy or thinking about virtual reality. He offers his services on Fiverr, a kind of Marketplace. Meanwhile, he has already won more than 200 orders and has many international clients. “People come to me asking if I can make his idea a reality. I never thought it would be so easy to connect with people who live on the other side of the world.”

Rowing in Virtual Reality

In 2020 he made a rowing app. “You put on the virtual reality glasses and you are in a mountainous landscape, for example somewhere in Austria. You sit next to a world champion. The timer rings and you have to row as hard as you can. You see those pedals react one by one to how you hold your hands on the paddle stick. That’s quite an experience.”

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Photo: Jordi van Netten

new projects

It doesn’t end there, Jordi is also currently working on a great project. “Actually with several. One of them will take six months and I am working on it with a team. Now we are doing the Emagine tower. This will be a great system where students can learn in their field.

For example, it becomes a place for installation technology, here they learn how to install things in their house. This is going to be very big and we also want to make sure we turn into Minecraft, but for real jobs. What student thinks; I enter the world of virtual reality, put on my glasses, enter the tower and start laying water pipes. That they can really learn, but also lose a lot of creativity.”


When we ask Jordi what is the best he wants to offer, he returns to his current project. “I think the best is Emagine Tower, that’s the best performance I’ve offered so far. If that goes well, we may have discovered the new way of learning. Possibly we offer an opportunity for so many people and that we can see many creations or the possibilities of giving people work. If it works fine, it will be great. So I think I’ll be more proud of that.”

glasses are the future

How does Jordi see the future? “I think the world of virtual reality has just come out of its infancy. I see that things are going to change a lot in the future. In the near future, virtual reality will be much more comfortable. The next pair of glasses is expected to actually follow her face, whether she smiles or blinks. I think the team is moving a lot in that direction. Then they focus more on comfort. That soon you could put on sunglasses, with which you have all the experience. That soon you will no longer need a telephone or television, because everyone wears those glasses. Those glasses contain a screen for everything. There is much to come.”

“I hope that in five years we can make the assignments bigger and bigger. I also hope that we can start programming more with mixed reality. That in five years I can work with projects where you can add things in the real world through VR. If I could do more projects there, it would be very good.”

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