Festa della Donna 2022: still necessary after 100 years

March 8, 2022 may be La Festa della Donna, but is there really a reason to celebrate?

In 1922, one hundred years ago, Italy celebrated the festival for the first time. In America that was already in 1909. In various places the mimosa is now giving way to demonstrations. In order to draw attention to those areas where profits can still be made. This is still required in 2022.

Having fun with the girls is good, but there are more pressing matters that need attention. Because even though the world is a hundred years later, in many homes and businesses time seems to have stopped or perhaps even turned back.

In 2022 it is still time to become aware. And we still have to fight for women’s rights.

Italy: third highest femicide in Europe

According to the research agency Statista, Italy ranks third in Europe for femicide. The list published in December 2021 states that 102 women were violently murdered in Italy alone (2020). At the forefront of Poland, 400 women saw violence end their lives. The dubious honor of second place goes to Germany with 117 murders. Holland is at 8me place with 33 casualties. Sad but true.

International Women’s Day is not celebrated in the Netherlands like it is in Italy. The Women’s March protest march took place last Saturday, March 5. Protesting on Saturday is simply more effective than on Tuesday. The theme of the protest is the same: femicide. The call: sign the petition Stop femicide.

Statement with nail polish, tight sweater and skirt.

Students at the Liceo Marchesi high school in the northern Italian city of Padua are calling for the symbolic mimosa to be abandoned at La festa della Donna. go with little, nail polish, tight outerwear and skirt to school, that’s the call. ragazze and ragazzi, girls and boys are invited to participate.

respect us

Anna Ghedina, a student, tells the Il Mattino di Padova newspaper: “We wanted to do something symbolic, especially after the day mutedGently, it has passed. You are talking about the party, it is about party, flowers and songs. this has us scottish, about the red, we’re done with that.”

“Wearing a skirt to school may seem like the most normal thing in the world. But insulting and whistling is disrespectful. More attention should be paid in school to these kinds of things.”

By the way, someone doesn’t have to go to school in a skirt. A statement with only little, nail polish, too.

Monza Zucchigonna

It is not the first time that a similar action has occurred. Last November, the boys in skirts went to his Liceo Zucchi de Monza. This is a protest against gender inequality. But also to experience what it feels like to be seen as a sexual object through toxic and masculine comments. It was the second consecutive year that Zucchigonna, Zucchi with a skirt, took place.

“Do you work in the Red Light District or something?”

Less than a month ago, children in Rome donned skirts and tops with navels after a teacher inadvertently addressed a girl about her bare stomach. “Ma che stai sulla Salaria?” “Do you work in the Red Light District or something?” the teacher said. He threatened to take the 16-year-old student out of class because her shirt was too short for her. It turned into a riot that made the national press. And a protest.


Youth demand the right to be respected for who they are, starting with their clothes. How come a guy doesn’t smallnail polish, can use or not go to, skirt? Therefore, young people also demand support and attention for inclusion. It’s no wonder the idea originated in a high school when you consider that so-called mascolinita cough, toxic masculinity emerges. The continual quest for dominance and power.

The initiative of the Padovese school group could well lead to widespread imitation elsewhere. To make it clear that someone should be able to dress however they want. Even with bare legs or bare shoulders. Not to provoke. Times have changed, so is the message.

Women’s salary: Italy scores better than the Netherlands

The fact that times have changed is partly reflected in women’s wages. Fortunately, not everything is pessimism in Italy. The European Statistical Office has plotted the wage gap between men and women.

One would expect the Netherlands to come out better than Italy, but nothing could be further from the truth. In Italy women earn 4.2% less than men. Only Luxembourg, Romania and Slovenia are doing better. In the Netherlands, women earn on average 14.2% less than men; that’s even below the EU average of 13%.

The Italian salary level may be reasonably in line, but there is still room for improvement in many areas. For example in the field of the first positions; according to Unioncamere in Italy only one in four administratordrivers, woman.

March 8: women go to museums for free

If you are a woman and you are in Italy on March 8, La Festa della donna, you can visit museums and other cultural institutions for free. The limited number of places in Pompeii will probably already be full for a long time. There is a special opening of the beautiful but small Giulia Felice thermal bath complex and of the part of Terme Stabiane that was intended for women only. The small spaces speak of the customs of the women of the time.

Two thousand years ago, the position of many women was not so crazy. Time doesn’t heal all wounds, but sometimes it opens them… turns out in 2022.

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