apple reality | All about Apple’s first VR glasses

Apple Reality will be Apple’s biggest new product in years. It’s Apple’s first VR headset and promises to turn the VR world upside down in 2022. We’ve listed all the latest rumors and expectations for you in our archive on Apple Reality.

The latest Apple Reality rumors


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Brief summary of the expectations of Apple Reality

  • Apple’s first VR glasses
  • Announcement in October or November 2022
  • Lightweight headphones with colorful headband
  • Advanced display technology with extremely high resolution and wide field of view
  • Powerful processor, possibly the Apple M1
  • Innovative controls with eye and hand tracking.
  • realityOS operating system with App Store for virtual reality applications
  • Price between €2,499 and €2,999

Apple VR glasses and AR glasses

Apple Reality will be a viewer compatible with Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR).

With VR you are put in a virtual environment. The screens display a 3D world, so your real environment is completely replaced.

With AR, you can still see your real surroundings, using the headset’s built-in cameras. The headset then adds virtual objects to this image. Think of the Ikea app on your iPhone, where you can see with your camera what the furniture would look like in your room.

lightweight design

Apple Virtual Reality

According to the latest rumors, Apple Reality will have a lightweight design with extra thin lenses. This means that there is little pressure on your head when you wear the headphones.

With today’s all-in-one VR headsets like the Oculus Quest 2 (available from Coolblue), counterweights are often needed to offset the weight of the headset. That wouldn’t be necessary with Apple Reality.

The headband is made of a soft silicone material and is reminiscent of Apple Watch straps. The tire is expected to be available in various colors and is replaceable.

fencing technique

Apple Reality will probably get the best VR display yet. The screen is expected to consist of two Sony OLED screens, each with an incredibly high resolution of over 1000 pixels per inch. This is much higher than other VR headsets, which often get stuck around 400 or 500 dpi. This will also keep virtual objects in the distance sharp.

Additionally, there will be a lower resolution OLED screen on the ear cups, which should fill parts of your peripheral vision. This gives Apple Reality a much wider field of view and less of a feeling of looking through aviator glasses.

Apple’s fast silicon processor

Apple virtual reality glasses

Apple Reality will be powered by an Apple Silicon processor. All calculations will be done by the headset, so you don’t need to be connected to a Mac with a cable.

Whether the chip will be an M1 or M2 chip remains to be seen. Since Reality displays have an incredibly high resolution, a lot of graphics power is required in particular. Currently that power is only provided by the M1 Pro and M1 Max, but they probably use too much power for a headset. So it could very well be that a new chip is coming (eg an ‘Apple R1’).

visual record

According to rumors, the Apple Reality will receive a technology that the competition does not yet have: eye tracking. With this, the headset knows exactly what you’re looking at, allowing you to navigate with your eye movements.

Also, eye tracking is probably used to save computing power. If you watch something, it will be displayed in high resolution. Anything that doesn’t focus is displayed in a lower resolution, which saves a lot of computing power.

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hand tracking

Even more important is the headset’s hand tracking. When your hands are in the virtual world, you feel much more ‘present’. With special sensors, the headset recognizes the movement of your hands. This way you can ‘touch’ and grab virtual objects.

No word yet on whether Apple will also make controllers for your hands, as is the case with most VR headsets. Most likely though, the controllers are easier to track than your hands and offer extra buttons for the apps you use.

Apple reality operating system


Apple Reality will run on ‘realityOS’, a special operating system for virtual reality. We know this from references found in the App Store. The name of the operating system is also how we got to Apple Reality: watchOS – Watch, macOS – Mac, realityOS… Reality!

realityOS will gain access to the App Store just like macOS and iOS. In this way, you can easily download new apps and games for Apple Reality. Building those apps and games will be easy, too: For that, developers can use the same Xcode programming app they already know from other Apple devices.

Apple Reality VR glasses: launch and price

It is rumored that the launch of the Apple VR glasses will be in October or November 2022. How could it be otherwise, it will be announced during an Apple event. By the way, there has also been a rumor that the release has been pushed back to 2023, so there is still a chance that we may have to wait a bit longer.

The price of Apple’s VR glasses will probably be between €2,499 and €2,999: quite expensive. This has to do with advanced technology compared to the competition and the focus on a professional audience. The second generation Apple Reality is expected to have a much more affordable price.

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