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it is the weather International Women’s Day† On Tuesday March 8, 2022 We celebrate the successes of women around the world, raise awareness and call for a gender-neutral society. A day that is still desperately needed in 2022. Also in the Netherlands, because we are still in an embarrassing 31st place when it comes to gender equality, according to the Global Gender Gap Report of the World Economic Forum. Where it is an official public holiday in many countries, this is not the case in the Netherlands. Each year there is a theme with associated events. In 2021, the international theme was #ChooseToChallenge. What is it theme of 2022 and what will International Women’s Day be like next year?

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International Women’s Day 2022

Every year, the global organization behind the International Day chooses a theme. A theme is also chosen in the Netherlands for International Women’s Day

These are the themes for 2022:

international women’s day theme

The theme of the next International Women’s Day is #BreakTheBias† With this declaration, the IWD organization makes a global call to commit ourselves to inclusion, diversity and equality† And to denounce stereotypes, prejudice and discrimination. Towards a world in which differences are celebrated and valued, according to the organization: ‘We are responsible for our own thoughts and actions every day. But we can also break with the bias in our circles of friends, family, at work, and at school. Together we can break stereotypes, on International Women’s Day, but also afterwards.’

Do you support this statement? take the stance– Cross your arms and take a photo or video and share it with the hashtags #BreakTheBias and #IWD2022

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Theme Netherlands International Women’s Day

In the Netherlands, the theme for International Women’s Day in 2022 is: F/M Solidarity – the power of change† The organization: ‘For years, women have been fighting for self-determination, individual rights, freedom and equal treatment. But things are not going well with the emancipation of men either. Have mens we need those who defend and defend emancipation in the broadest sense’.

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There are all kinds of things around International Women’s Day. events: from conferences to protest marches. Know more? Visit International Women’s

History of International Women’s Day

But what is International Women’s Day really like? arise† According to the official website, this dates back to one of the first public protests in which women stood up for their rights: on March 8, 1908, the women of New York City rose up against the long working hours and low wages in the textile industry and defended their suffrage† In hindsight, this is the beginning of International Women’s Day. the german socialist Clara Zetkin takes the initiative in 1910 to name March 8 International Women’s Day. With success, because in 1911 International Women’s Day is celebrated for the first time worldwide. The Netherlands followed in 1912. But during the Cold War, Women’s Day was given the wrong light, because it appears to have socialist origins, due to the link to the pioneer and socialist Clara Zetkin. For him second wave feminism In the 1960s, International Women’s Day was back in full swing and is once again celebrated by women from all walks of life, from different backgrounds and political affiliations. In 1978 International Women’s Day is officially recognized by the UN. In 1996 the first world theme is released.

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