6 Reasons Why No Time To Die Is An Absolute Box Office Hit

no time to die, the 25th film about secret agent 007, has been the most successful Bond film in the Netherlands since Sunday. The film has already attracted 1.7 million visitors and a turnover of 20.5 million euros. With those results no time to die is better than the previous record holder, spectrum from 2015.

Distributor Universal Pictures announced this today. What would that success look like? no time to die come? Here are six reasons: what Underground concerns – in a row.

Daniel Craig’s Last James Bond

On no time to die For the fifth and final time, Daniel Craig can be seen as 007. In the film, James Bond faces a maniac who threatens the world with a virus. The cast also includes Rami Malek, Léa Seydoux and Lashana Lynch.

The film was originally planned for the end of 2019, but was postponed several times due to production problems and later due to the corona pandemic. no time to die drew packed houses around the world last fall. The film also has a chance to win three Oscars at the end of March. For the best movie song, the best sound and the best special effects.

Why No Time To Die has caught on so well?

1 People Needed A Getaway
When theaters closed during lockdowns last year, ‘we’ craved an after-relax getaway. The opening day of no time to die 130,000 tickets have been sold for the film. no time to die drew full houses in our country for weeks and with that output for good reason. They allowed us again. The new Bond movie came out at just the right time, between lockdowns, and it turned out to be ideal.

2 No Time To Die Created Lots Of Expectations
The film was delayed almost as long as the entire corona pandemic, but despite the long wait, Bond fans were expecting a lot. Due to the long wait, the film generated higher and higher expectations. There are also movies that did not live up to expectations after being delayed many times. no time to die it’s a long movie (nearly 3 hours!), but because of the good story and twists that are incorporated, you’ll want to keep watching and looking away is definitely not an option.

No Time closes a special schedule

3 It Is The Last Movie To Star Daniel Craig As James Bond
Daniel Craig isn’t considered the best Bond, partly due to his predecessors, but it still feels like the end of an era. Craig is not the most charismatic Bond the world has come to know, he is the figure’s own version of him. He less charismatic and funny, but more serious. That made him special and yet loved. He wrapped up the end of his run as James Bond in a special way.

4 A special ending, but also a beginning for the next actor.
the movie ends literally with a bang For many viewers, this is a shocking ending, but according to Craig, it was a good point behind his role as a secret agent and for ‘his’ Bond. The Bond movies with Craig tell an overarching story and where he joined in spectrum (2015), ends no time to die emotional. The next Bond actor has a completely blank slate to tell his story, or maybe hers. the infamous phrase bonus will return raises a lot of questions about who will be the next Bond actor.

5 Nostalgia
Craig’s previous films carried over a lot of elements from the previous films. Think of the beautiful Aston Martin DB5, Ernst Stavro Blofeld, Q and also Moneypenny (which we hadn’t seen for a while). On spectrum (2015) we got to see Blofeld, who first appeared in the second Bond film, From Russia with love (1963). We see the Aston Martin DB5 in the third Bond movie, gold finger† For viewers who grew up with the Bond films, no time to die Definitely a movie you can almost look back on with nostalgia. Those little details make it a good movie.

6 It’s A Bond Movie
no time to die It’s just a good movie. And it’s James Bond, someone we all know and almost everyone likes.

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