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The following article is a submitted piece and is not the responsibility of Crypto Insiders. This is not financial advice.

in a ProfitFarmers previous update crypto analysts wrote that Bitcoin is poised for a big price move to the upside. If the analysis is accurate, the coin will amount to $55,000. That’s an increase of about 30%, at the time of this writing. But that is nothing compared to the 300% to 600% that analysts have now spotted for altcoin NEAR. In addition, ProfitFarmers has a free step-by-step plan with seven phases for finding altcoins that can be invested 1000 times.

Something big is happening according to ProfitFarmers, this is the summary:

  • $200,000,000,000 new (!) money entered the market – yes, that’s 200 billion AMERICAN DOLLAR;

  • Bitcoin is up 15% in one day;

  • double digit increases for ETH, SOL, ADA and ATOM;

  • Last week, nearly $10,000,000 in cryptocurrency was donated to international causes;

  • Currency concerns in Ukraine result according to analysts for a 200% spike in activity on the Ukrainian stock exchanges.

NEAR-graphic and price target analysis

The price of NEAR when ProfitFarmers did the analysis was 10.9 USD.

NEAR analysis chart:

  • NEAR is consolidating along the channel floor.

  • At the same time, it holds the double bottom and the uptrend line. So far it’s trying to break up.

  • A simple Fibonacci extension indicates a price movement of 300% to 600% measured from below.

  • Look for resistance around $13.5 before the price moves towards $18 and higher. The final target price for the next few months is $40 to $62. The potential from below is even around 1,000%.

Trading plan and observations

As we often say, simple charts are the best charts. They help you identify triggers without letting the action make emotional decisions for you. This is the trading plan according to ProfitFarmers:

1 – NEAR is trying to find local support and will most likely follow a similar pattern to BTCUSD as we discussed earlier.

2 – If $13.5 is broken, a 30% raise to $18 is quickly made.

3 – A strong 200% rally is in the offing after this level, rest of the market allowing.

4 – If BTCUSD was open for the whole year, then this would be a turning point.

5 – No trigger no trade, unless you want to buy early on the breakout. Then you run the risk that the outbreak never arrives.

Remember that this is not financial advice, these are ideas that we share for educational purposes.

NEAR: a layer 1 protocol with great potential

Yes, we know you’ve heard things like “10x magnification is coming” before. But if you have listed the returns of other Layer 1 coins like Ethereum (ETH), Binance Coin (BNB), Solana (SOL), and AVAX, NEAR is a great opportunity for such gains, according to ProfitFarmers. Therefore, they recommend that you investigate the intended use and scalability of NEAR.

Do you want to know more? See how you can learn more on your own for free!

Good news, the trading team at ProfitFarmers has put together a seven step roadmap to find the next 100x or 1000x altcoin before the rest of the world finds it!

What if you could turn $1,000 into $12,000,000 or even $100 into $1.2 million? That is exactly what happened to some investors, for example in XRP who stepped in at the right time. They realized that the market was about to blow up and XRP was one of those coins that had the potential to go bust.

More recently, Dogecoin (DOGE), Terra (LUNA), and Polygon (MATIC) have created new millionaires overnight, with huge price increases out of the blue. be like bitcoin uptrend continues, according to ProfitFarmers, this can easily happen again. Below you can read how to do it.

First of all, you need to look at the coins that immediately start to drop as soon as they become available on an exchange. That’s your best chance. Almost all cryptocurrencies that have risen strongly did so before breaking down.

After that, there are a number of important factors to consider:

Find the cryptocurrencies that immediately begin to fall and wait for them to begin to stabilize. Then review these five factors. Almost all cryptocurrencies with a lot of potential adhere to exactly this process. Once you have identified one, you have a great opportunity to make a lot of money.

If you want to read all the steps in detail, download our guide with 7 steps for free!

The above article is a submitted piece and is not the responsibility of Crypto Insiders. This is not financial advice.

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