This is how you hire cheaper and faster internet at your address

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In a country where prices seem to be rising faster than wages and where gas and electricity costs are skyrocketing, it is certainly interesting to see where savings can be made.

And there’s a good chance you’ll be successful with your current internet subscription, where sometimes it’s even possible to get a faster subscription for less money. We dive into the world of Internet subscriptions and list a series of smart tips for you.

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Change = take money

Internet costs are debited from your account each month. A cost element that most households no longer even care about. Internet is essential, it is necessary and of course also very pleasant. However, as a regular and loyal customer of your current provider, you often pay full price.

“It’s a pity and unnecessary,” the comparison website concludes. They indicate that you can get a discount of tens of euros if you switch to another provider after your fixed subscription. You will then receive a substantial welcome discount. And, luckily, you don’t have to search through every provider to get the best deal. Here you can find the cheapest internet subscription based on a quick zip code check. Simply complete and all offers will be implemented within a minute.

Faster internet is increasingly desired

If you calculate the welcome discount on your new subscription, in some cases it is even possible to pay less per month for a faster subscription. And that is useful, because nowadays we are going online with more and more devices. In addition to laptop and smartphone, you may also want to use WiFi through your smart TV, smart lighting, and tablet. The more devices we connect at the same time, the slower the connection per device can become. Our use has also become much more intensive since the COVID-19 pandemic. More and more people are working from home and it would happen to you that your internet goes down during an important online meeting. It’s not an ideal situation and that means more and more people are considering a faster internet subscription.

Fiber optics in your home

The deployment of the fiber optic network has probably not gone unnoticed. With this super-fast internet, upload and download speeds are the same, meaning you hardly ever have to wait to send or download content. Not all addresses in the Netherlands have fiber optics yet. Quick check? Then do the fiberglass check here and see immediately if subscriptions are available. And the good news is that you almost always get a welcome discount with this switch too!

Combine with TV and calls

If you wisely compare and combine subscriptions, you can save a few extra pennies. With an all-in-1 subscription, in addition to internet, you also get TV and calls from the same provider. The advantages? Extra discount, whereby saving up to €20 per month in the first six months of your new subscription seems more like the rule than the exception. You also benefit from cool extras. You can think of a free smartphone, sports watch, Google Nest Wifi, or WiFi boosters, but also access to streaming services.

Football fans are currently in good hands with Ziggo, Youfone, T-Mobile and giving them access to ESPN. The latter goes one step further with free movies and series from Filmbox, Starzplay and Canal+. KPN has opted for the new streaming service Viaplay with an offer of sports, series and movies. You can also regularly receive an additional discount on your smartphone subscription if you contract with the same (or linked) provider. The offer varies, so it’s worth checking this out if you’re not currently tied to a permanent contract. Include those free extras in your pick to see which provider works best for you.

Temporarily no connection costs

Some providers indicate that you will temporarily receive the connection costs as a gift, with symbolic amounts ranging from a few tens to more than a hundred euros. Fortunately, you don’t have to immediately fear these additional costs if your fixed subscription takes a while to expire, because a look back tells us that such connection costs rarely have to be paid. Turns out new customers are more than welcome! And with the exchange service, everything is organized in great detail for you. Do you want to save on your internet subscription and check the current benefits? Then take a look at the comparator and temporarily get an additional €10 cashback.

Internet even faster in the future

An interesting fact, science has found a way to make the Internet even faster using lasers, so the speed of conventional fiber optics could be multiplied by ten. However, if and when this will be implemented is still in the future, but there is certainly a real possibility that fiberglass will one day be replaced. For now though, we certainly can’t complain and can get along just fine with the current options. We would like to finish with one last piece of advice for when you move: put the expiration date of your new indefinite contract on your agenda, because after that period it will also be worth changing!

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