Liège Revomon: “In our game you can win 350 euros a month”

Play and win money at the same time. It’s called ‘play to win’. In our country, a team of young people from Liège is working on their own version of said game, ‘Revomon’, immediately in virtual reality.

If you want to explain how ‘Revomon’ works, you quickly come to ‘Pokémon GO’, the hyped game in which players hunt monsters with their smartphones. Jordan Ietri, the CEO of Revomon, is passionate about the game. ‘To the extent that he wanted to build a fangame with friends.’

In ‘Revomon’, which stands for Revolution Monster, players become trainers who must capture and train monsters and then eliminate them in battle. Although there are also big differences with ‘Pokémon GO’. For example, ‘Revomon’ is set in virtual reality (VR), another Ietri passion. Players wear VR headsets like Quest or Rift from Meta, the company behind Facebook.

The essence

  • ‘Revomon’ is a game that combines monsters, virtual reality and blockchain technology. It is made by a team from Liege.
  • Players can earn money through the game, anywhere from $200 to $400 a month according to the creators.
  • ‘Revomon’ will launch in April as a mobile app, it already exists as a virtual reality app.
  • In April of last year, he sold his own cryptocurrency, revos, for $1.3 million. That was how the game developed.

You can also earn money with ‘Revomon’. Monster hunting will be tied to a blockchain. This is a worldwide network of computers where transactions are tracked and verified. Revomon created its own crypto token, the revo. Players can earn revolutions depending on their performance in the game. Monsters have a unique record on a blockchain in the form of a non-fungible token (NFT). Those NFTs can be traded between players and on the markets.


The project started in 2019 as a hobby. It soon became clear that the combination of monsters with VR and blockchain sparked interest. On the Discord messaging service, which is very popular with gamers, the ‘Revomon’ community has more than 17,000 members. An early version of the game reached over 150,000 downloads.

Last year, Revomon became a company with three founders. In addition to Ietri, there are two other people from Liège, Maxime Reynders and Florian Poitoux, who have a more technical profile. Ietri is a blockchain expert. He worked for five years as a project manager at retailer Auchan, where he focused on making food products traceable with blockchain technology.

‘When we wanted to register the company here with the middle-class organization UCM, it turned out that there wasn’t really a company category for our project,’ says Ietri. Revomon has its legal headquarters in Dubai, where there is an adapted legal framework. “It’s also a great place to network,” said the CEO. In April of last year, several thousand people bought Revos, worth $1.3 million. With that money the game could be developed.

50 dollars for a sample

When we wanted to register the company here with the middle-class organization UCM, it turned out that there was not really a company category for our project.

The core team is based in Liège, the music and sounds of the game are worked on with specialists in the US. “The main costs are the development of the game, the blockchain aspects and also the normal web.” Taking into account the self-employed, there are between 20 and 25 employees. The first billing was recorded last year. Some 10,000 unique players generate around 40,000 euros in turnover each month.

Ietri is convinced that a player can earn between 200 and 400 dollars (363 euros) a month with ‘Revomon’. That can also be played without getting involved with the blockchain aspects. If a player wants to participate in the ‘Revomon’ economy, he must first buy a monster for around $50. Generating an NFT costs $5. ‘Revomon’ uses the Binance Smart Chain blockchain for this. That should avoid the higher costs of the popular Ethereum blockchain. “We want to make the game affordable for ‘Axie Infinity’ players (a leading game, ed.) to attract. They often live in low-wage countries,’ says Ietri.

Jordan Ietri.

‘Revomon’ will launch on Android in April, which should make it easier to access in low-wage countries. Which is not to say that ‘Revomon’ is giving up virtual reality. The game is now not on the official Meta VR app store and must be installed via ‘sideloading’, a somewhat more cumbersome procedure.

Meta has already openly expressed its interest in blockchain projects. Whether that will open the door for ‘Revomon’ in the foreseeable future remains to be seen.

self government

“Once the groundwork is laid, we hand over the keys to the players. Then they can decide on the content of the game and other functionalities”, says Ietri. Players can vote in the ‘decentralized autonomous body’ or DAO. Voting rights depend on the number of tokens. “Ultimately, we want a decentralized project five years from now that can run entirely on its own.”

Once the foundations are laid, we hand over the keys to the players. They can then decide on the content of the game.

Revomon collaborates in various fields with a project of four French young people, MechaChain. This is also a ‘play to win’ blockchain game, but it works with robots instead of monsters and goes the opposite way. They first come out as a mobile game and only then do they make the move to VR. Both teams met last year at the World Blockchain Summit in Dubai. MechaChain raised $7.7 million to build the game.

The collaboration is reflected in a MechaMon or Mecha Monster, among other things, that can be used in the game ‘Revomon’. Occasionally, rewards will be awarded for both games together.

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